What’s new in Verint Verba 9

By January 10, 2018 February 5th, 2018 Features

Let’s start the new year by exploring the main technical developments in Verint Verba 9.0, our latest major release to date. The new version delivers improved user experience and future-proofs your collaboration compliance by incorporating a whole new set of differentiating features and essential enhancements.

We’ve spent the majority of 2017 perfecting our platform — and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Keeping up with a changing regulatory landscape

Verint Verba 9 was designed to address what we recognized as an evolving trend in the financial compliance space — namely, that organizations must comply with increasingly complex regulations, capture a growing number of channels and users, and ensure adherence when using the latest collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Cisco UC.

As regulators across geographies require financial firms to take reasonable steps to monitor interactions in real time and prevent compliance issues even before they occur, our latest enhancements aim at strengthening the proactive compliance capabilities of the platform.

Let’s have a glimpse at a non-exhaustive selection around the major developments the new version brings to the table.

Improved user experience

Verint Verba 9 introduces significant UI improvements, enhanced search and playback functionalities and a more user-friendly navigation structure allowing a unified, consistent user experience throughout the platform. The flows and visuals have been optimized and enable ease of use for new and existing users.

Our rich feature is presented in a simpler, self-explaining menu structure:

  • Conversations – everything to do with search and captured conversations
  • Quality Management – all compliance QM features
  • Workflows – authorization and other security workflows
  • Communication Policies – all proactive capabilities in one place
  • Reports – reporting and dashboards
  • Users – all user/group/role management functions
  • Data – data management (import, export, processing, retention and more)
  • System – system administration

Capturing even more modalities and channels

Our open ecosystem has evolved even further through a wide spectrum of integrations with leading communications and collaboration platforms to meet the tightening recording demands.

Your Verint Verba system now captures:

  • new cloud communications solutions (Symphony, RingCentral),
  • new public mobile networks (Tango Networks),
  • new trading room solutions (Cloud9) and
  • new UC platforms (Huawei), and more.

Integrated transcripts

The new Speech Transcription feature allows users to visualize a full transcript of voice-based conversations and accelerates eDiscovery with a smart transcription player, synchronized highlight markers, and confidence scores.

This feature brings full-text search and transcription playback capabilities and empowers your compliance teams with accelerated speech recognition, search and data analysis to speed up assessments, forensic data analysis, and compliance quality assurance within your organization.

Speech transcript is now integrated into search and media playback


Perfecting proactive compliance

Verint Verba 9 offers fine-grained Contact List Filtering and Blocking for Skype for Business which can prohibit a user to add a blocked contact to their address book or retrieve blocked contacts from the central directory.

The new version also marks an important milestone with the general availability of the Chaperone feature that allows defining users or groups — such as your compliance office — whose presence in conferences enables all communication modalities, even those that otherwise would be blocked by a session policy.

In conjunction with the improved internationalization and conference handling capabilities of our Ethical Wall solution, these new additions and improvements take your proactive communication policy management efforts to the next level.

Extending data management

Verint Verba 9 further extends our data management framework and delivers robust media processing, data import, and data retention capabilities, including

  • tight integrations with new external data targets (Azure REST Storage API, EMC Elastic Cloud Storage)
  • a new data import foundation, and
  • per-user data retention.

With the new version, central data retention and processing policies (move, archive, delete, transcode, voice quality check and more) can be executed on multiple servers simultaneously providing better scalability and high availability to support the most complex data management needs of your organization.

Amplifying reliability, scalability and security

The platform is Citrix ready. It works with endpoints using the Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack, where all audio or video processing is offloaded from the terminal server to the end-user device or terminal, thus optimizing the quality of the call with minimal impact on server scalability.

This release also delivers:

  • an extended inbound and outbound recording announcement service for Cisco,
  • label sharing enhancements,
  • an enriched CDR reconciliation service and
  • security developments such as CID masking and disposal logs,
  • 64-bit support across all components.

In case you would like to have a deeper understanding of how to best leverage Verint Verba and the latest developments, feel free to contact one of our experts today.