[Webinar] Compliant Enterprise-Grade Microsoft Teams Recording

By September 14, 2020 September 23rd, 2020 Events, MS Teams

Organizations are rapidly adopting Microsoft Teams to enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and enable home working. However, those in regulated industries are facing adoption challenges. With the rise of screen share, mobile usage, and remote working, how do organizations ensure they capture interactions across all modalities for compliance and quality?

Join a 30-minute exclusive webinar where Kevin Ross, UK Director at Geomant and Gerry Durning, Director of Product Management at Verint will explore how the surge in Microsoft Teams usage has generated an increased compliance scope, and how businesses can address adoption challenges with an enterprise-grade recording solution.

What the speakers have covered:

  • The Teams Landscape – how working models are changing and the challenges this brings
  • Why you need compliance recording for Teams
  • Teams recording required components and how it works
  • A demonstration of the Verint Teams Recording solution
  • Deployment options and considerations
  • The benefits of a hosted solution

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