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How Verba support our customers

By January 22, 2015 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Two wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces togetherWhen a customer deploys the Verba Recording System, the team are always on hand to offer a reliable and efficient service to ensure a swift resolution of any maintenance issues and develop the system to provide the best solution to different companies.

  • Adaptability – the Verba Recording System is not your standard ‘out of the box’ call recording solution.  If a company requests a certain feature, the team can adapt and develop the solution to meet the relevant requests.  For instance, Verba developed an auto – pause feature for the Freebridge Community Housing Group in the UK.  When a card payment was conducted on an agent’s screen, they had to manually start and stop the recording each time.  The introduction of the auto-pause ensured the system automatically stopped the recording
  • Extensive support: from the outset with deployments of the Verba Recording System, the team ensure the introduction to the solution is hands on

Here are examples of support services we provide:

  • The Knowledge Base, a useful online resource which includes how the system works and step-by-step configuration guide with configuration guides with screenshots. This comprehensive information source covers: a User Guide; Quality Management Guide; Dashboard Guide and Integration Guide.
  • Remote support – the team can help you remotely using WebEx, LogMeIn Rescue or your choice of remote support tool (e.g. TeamViewer)
  • On-site support which is available on-demand

The feedback the Verba support team receives from customers is testimony to the comprehensive support the team pride ourselves on.

Tobie Fysh, Business Systems Architect at Freebridge Community Housing Group feels Verba provide consistent support with “such a fast response from a knowledgeable technical team. The product is very well supported.  Verba are open and nothing is hidden. They want to give you the best solution.”

Magnus Karlsson, Engineer at DGC Access feels the team provided a “Quick and accurate support, solved the problem fast.”

Paul Truscott, from Atea Sverige thought the “Quality of the service was excellent. Many thanks.”

For further information, contact one of our experts.