What is Verba Speech Analytics?

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Stop the press! We have added something new to the Verba Recording System. Today, we are introducing  Verba Speech Analytics.  This solution extends our Collaboration Recording offering and will enable businesses to refine their searches in Verba in a very special way.

So, what exactly is Verba Speech Analytics? Speech analytics is a process that retrieves information from your recorded calls. From now on you can not only detect silence/cross talk/talkover using Verba, but you can directly search for phrases in the recorded audio and video calls.

How does Verba Speech Analytics work in practice?

Picture the scenario, a supervisor wishes to locate calls made between agents and customers discussing specific technical problems. A supervisor can filter the calls by using key phrases like ‘internet connectivity’ or ‘service down’.  They can enter these phrases in to the search menu under the speech search section of the Verba Recording System. This filters and locates the calls where ‘internet connectivity’ or ‘service down’ are mentioned during certain call interactions.

The accuracy of these searches is increased when  longer phrases are entered within the search menu. This results in a higher probability of identifying those calls in question. The results list displays a column entitled ‘Confidence %’.  This value is an estimate of how accurate that particular hit actually is. In other words, this value determines the success of the search. An example is demonstrated in this screenshot:


There are numerous scenarios where your business can benefit from the Verba Collaboration Recording System with Speech Analytics for quality assurance as follows:

Agent Evaluations

  • Appropriate Greetings – find out if your agents are greeting customers appropriately
  • Inappropriate phrases – locate rude, inappropriate language
  • Agent insecurities – certain phrases point to situations where the agent needs help
  • Compliance message – verify that your agents are following legal compliance rules

Voice of customer

  • Customer and product satisfaction – search for phrases that indicate how satisfies the customer is
  • Campaign responses – find references to ongoing campaigns
  • Lower churn – focus on calls where customers ask for reimbursements and show dissatisfaction

Sales Performance

  • Opportunities for upselling and cross-selling – find opportunities by searching for customer needs
  • Emerging trends – compile your sales plan around ideas your customers mention
  • Sales delivery – evaluate how your sales team pitch customers and listen to responses

What is unique about Verba Speech Analytics?

The Verba Speech Analytics solution can be fully virtualized using VMware or Hyper-V, it offers a highly scalable, distributed architecture. Efficient search and indexing parallelization has significant performance benefit, utilizing modern multicore CPUs.  Work can also be distributed between multiple Verba Speech Analytics servers in the deployment.

Some features worth highlighting:

  • Speed optimized search – search can be executed at speeds up to 500,000 times real time in your audio and video
  • Speech indexing and search can be carried out concurrently on multiple Verba servers –  if high volume of calls need to be searched and indexed, you can just add new servers to the platform, which qill distribute tasks between them and ensure all searches are swifter
  • Searches are secure and authorized – user rights exist within the system. For instance, users who have the ‘Speech Search’ right can view an additional search filter option on the search page entitled ‘Speech Search’. If the user performing the search is not a System (or group) supervisor, they only have the ability to search through their own calls
  • A friendly user interface
  1. Auto suggestions help you search for a word or phrase based earlier searches
  2. When recorded calls are played back, markers  indicate where the search phrases are located during the interaction
  3. Search phrases allow logical expressions – this may contain all of the phrase, some of these or none of them (or Search logic – use logic where results include all, any or none of the given phrases plus a mix of these rules)

Verba Speech Analytics is  an integral part of the Verba Collaboration Recording solution. Ideal for different organizations, from contact centers to financial institutions. The Verba Speech Analytics  feature enables businesses to better manage risk and compliance, develop quality assurance and increase productivity to enhance their business.

For further information, contact one of our experts.