Verba Recording and Proactive Compliance Are Skype for Business Certified

By February 22, 2017 December 21st, 2020 Skype for Business

In 2016, we announced that Verba (currently named Verint Financial Compliance Capture) was the first recording system to receive the highest level of Skype for Business interoperability certification provided by Microsoft.

Skype for Business Certified Compliance Offering

Without a scalable and sound compliance solution, that can record, archive and manage all modalities of unified communications , organizations in regulated industries will not be able to reach the full potential of their Skype for Business collaboration platforms. With this certification, you can be confident that Verint not only helps in reaching the full potential of your Skype for Business deployment but also saves money and precious man-hours while reaching that potential.

This certification underlines our leadership in the new field of Microsoft Unified Communications compliance and indicates that our solution provides the quality, compatibility, and reliability features to serve you the best experience with Skype for Business.

“We are grateful to receive this certification from Microsoft. We work very hard to make sure the Verba Collaboration Compliance solution seamlessly integrates with Skype for Business. Our aim is to keep our technology leadership and make our solution the number one choice for the world’s largest and most mission critical Skype for Business deployments.” said our very own Gabor Moczar, CTO, after the announcement.

Double Certified for Recording and Proactive Compliance

A few months later, Verba was double certified by Microsoft for both, recording and now proactive compliance capabilities on Skype for Business platforms. This substantiates our dedication to provide a proactive toolkit for companies looking to extend compliance recording with cutting-edge Ethical Wall features.

Ethical Wall for Skype for Business

The age of after-the-fact compliance is over, voice and IM recording is not the norm anymore. Verint’s certified Ethical Wall empowers you to proactively regulate and analyze conversations saving you both time and resources in the process. Block communications before they happen, regulate data policy violations in real time, control internal and external presence information. These are just a few of many use cases that make our proactive approach to compliance the cutting edge of the industry.

“We are happy that Microsoft validated our product, the leading compliance technology in the Microsoft UC space. We are creating the most reliable and versatile compliance solution on the market,” added Gabor Moczar.

How does it help me?

Here are some key use cases that can benefit most from Ethical Wall implementations:

  • Protect personal data by filtering IM (e.g. social security numbers, bank accounts)
  • Prevent conflict of interest between groups
  • Blocking various file transfers to strengthening IT security
  • Manage risk by preventing unwanted information to be shared
  • Protecting teams from unsolicited contacts by selectively blocking presence
  • Add disclaimers to chat, meet regulations and instil a greater sense of responsibility
  • Filter profanity

If you are working in the Investment Banking, Healthcare, Corporate Finance/Financial Services, Legal, Government or IT/Security industries, our platform can help you stay compliant.

Microsoft: Skype for Business Compliance Partner Conversation

Watch Microsoft’s Business Partner conversation with Gabor Moczar, CTO at Verba and discover more about our Skype for Business compliance solution.