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Read on to find out how the fine-grained technology behind Verint Verba Sense brings communication surveillance and advanced analysis capabilities for credit institutions, investment firms and corporate back-office operations.

For far-reaching insight into trades, client relationships and financial market activities – look no further than your enterprise communications. These sources of data undoubtedly represent the largest untapped assets of your business and supply the vital insights that can help your organization improve trading integrity, foster best execution and reduce the risk associated with every interaction while building transparency around your operations. And most importantly – while posing a significant challenge – the data buried in your communications and collaboration flows provides the means for frictionless compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements (like MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and more).

Uncover intelligence from your recordings

Either your business wants to reconstruct a trade from all the constituent parts of a deal, detect emerging trends or run ad-hoc and regular compliance assessments, being able to capture business intelligence from a vast amount of recorded interactions with speed gives your business unmatched strategic advantage.

Verint Verba Sense unlocks this powerful technology by combining phonetic speech search and speech-to-text capabilities to help you make the best use of your recordings. This element of Verint Verba’s enterprise compliance universe was designed for maximum speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Unlock essential analytics capabilities for your business to easily analyze your communications, no matter what the channel you aim to capture.

Leverage automated surveillance

The speech analytics module provides financial services with a proven technology foundation that features efficient speech recognition, indexing, search, retrieval, transcription and analysis functionalities accessible through the easy-to-use Verint Verba web interface. By applying automated rules and surveillance mechanisms, analysts and administrators can monitor interactions and spot essential information in real time. At the same time, they have a reliable platform where conversations are readily available when requested by the authorities.

Leveraging advanced analytics, your recordings start to make sense as you convert data from omnichannel communications into measurable business insights. You can ease and level up your compliance and quality assurance efforts while making fact-based decisions for improved business results.

Safeguard market integrity

This module incorporates the transformational technology to search, access and review the content of your live and historical recordings – all available at your fingertips. Detect, sense and recognize any sign of insider trading or market abuse. Identify keywords or phrases that imply trader misconduct. Track front and back-office operations within your financial organization to mitigate compliance risk, strengthen ethical integrity and identify business-critical trends. All of this and more, by providing and analyzing essential data from your enterprise communications and collaboration.

Verint Verba Sense can automatically detect flagged phrases in a conversation and notify administrators in real-time while automatic labeling allows your business to seamlessly categorize and share labeled conversations across your entire compliance team.

Drive speed and accuracy

Enriching the robust phonetic speech search capabilities of Verint Verba, the new release marks the general availability of Speech Transcription within our platform. This feature can be deployed on premise and in the cloud to help businesses extract a full transcript of any conversation at lightning speed.

The built-in speech AI engine in Verint Verba Sense offers machine learning and a continually extendible knowledge corpus to drive high accuracy while turning voice-based conversations into transcripts. Moreover, it supports multiple languages to help analysts improve the way they work – across geographies and at multi-site finance organizations.

Fully integrated with the Verba platform, speech transcription recognizes speaker changes and punctuation, shows context and provides word confidence scores with timings. The intuitive transcription player features synchronized playback highlight and click-to-position functionalities thus making the search and retrieval process fast, accurate and effortless.

Ease your compliance and quality assurance efforts

Get to the heart of any transaction, reconstruct any trade and investigate any part of a negotiation. Mitigate risk and protect your firm from costly non-compliance fines that could also harm the reputation of your organization. Leverage high-quality search experience, build rules that help to monitor interactions to spot anomalies and flagged conversations on the go.

No matter which Unified Communications platform you use, Verint Verba Sense provides the key to unearth the business-critical information your corporate communications may contain.

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