Verba & Luware Integration

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Luware AGVerba work effectively with partners to enhance the collaboration recording experience for Lync. Verba teamed up with Luware to provide customers who were dissatisfied with their existing systems with a Lync and Luware Contact Center option.

The Verba 8.1 release provides additional Contact Center integration with Luware. Luware provide customer – specific service platforms specializing in collaborative interaction with clients using Microsoft Unified Communications technologies.

Luware is a multimodal Lync based Contact Center solution based on Microsft Lync. (Luware LUCS Lync Contact Center).

What are the benefits?

  • Luware (LUCS) Lync Contact Center offers more than one modality, which runs on different communications channels like Instant Messaging, voice and video
  • Not dependent on any particular device
  • High level of cost effectiveness during implementation and operations
  • Ability to communicate 24/7 using a variety of channels: PTSN/ GSM, Skype, Lync/Federation, Web Interaction, Social Media, Email
  • Real time presence of agents and agent groups in Lync contact list
  • Webchat with the agents
  • CRM integration with third party ERP systems
  • Sophisticated reporting capability

During call flows, what additional information does Luware provide?

Luware provide recorder vendors like Verba some additional SIP headers in call setups with additional information about the call flow as follows:


  • Customer uri: phone number of customer
  • Agent Id: phone number of agent
  • Application name
  • Service line: call center service called (contacted)
  • LUCMS: Front end Call Id: an identifier which can link together calls legs related to the same customer call session. Also, this can link to recording a Luware side session

Verba can capture some agent/contact center specific meta information provided by Luware in the SIP header.

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