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We believe that compliance excellence rests on two pillars: a holistic view of your communications and efficient tools to make the most out of the data captured from these interactions. Verint Verba Improve brings that extra mile to your back-office, trading floor and branch operations. 

This last element in the Elements of Compliance series is one of its kind to provide financial quality management through an increasing set of channels, such as instant messaging, voice, video, desktop screen and more. Introducing unique insights into quality and employee performance, Verint Verba Improve ensures regulatory compliance, ethical trading and improved client relationships. This cutting-edge component provides everything your business needs to exceed performance objectives while adhering to industry standards (including PCI-DSS, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank) and corporate policies.

Flexibility at the core

Verint Verba Improve offers easy-to-use and flexible solutions for quality assurance specialists and compliance analysts to develop financial quality management programs at your organization. This module features a myriad of features: from real-time communications monitoring, performance tracking and compliance evaluation to smart scoring, coaching and enterprise-level reporting to enable flawless and compliant business operations.

Infuse expertise into your communications

The comprehensive toolset available in Verint Verba Improve empowers your users to track and evaluate the efficacy of every interaction and identify quality issues or performance irregularities by using one intuitive interface. Take your QA evaluations and compliance assessments to the next level with silent monitoring and coaching. Increase productivity with smart playback controls, real-time agent view and drag and drop scorecard designer functionalities.

By gaining a deep insight into your communications with Verint Verba Improve, your business will have everything that’s needed for optimizing operational efficiency, and for providing your employees with the feedback and development they need to maximize their performance.

Delivering world-class integrations

Through our extensive integrations with market-leading contact center solutions (including Cisco UCCX, UCCE, Luware, Mitel, Workstreampeople, Altigen, Geomant, ComputerTalk, Competella and more), this module offers the ability to collect additional metadata about each interaction while recording conversations and collaboration at your branch or trading room. Besides automated data enrichment, Verba users can also add additional information using manual annotations and markers via our extensive integrations and APIs.

Verint Verba Improve offers seamless integration Cisco Finesse, enabling users to diversify their recording toolset by fine-tuning capturing modes with mute, on-demand and start/stop manual conversation recording, based on their specific needs.

Work smarter with automated processes

With Verint Verba Improve, your users have the option to create rules based on any predefined criteria that they deem important. Imagine a trading room bustling with traders where the quality assurance specialist faces the challenge of randomly sampling interactions for signs of compliance and service quality issues. By creating an automated rule on any specific word or phrase that trigger a red flag in the system, the QA specialist can spot anomalies in real time and focus only on those conversations that are relevant from a regulatory adherence or service quality perspective.

Additionally, users can set up labeling rules only for those conversations or interactions that contain these words, to ease categorization and foster collaboration across your teams. Analysts can further apply those recordings through the Verint Verba Sense module harnessing AI-based rapid transcription to dig deeper in your data, reconstruct a financial transaction or conduct ad-hoc or regular electronic discovery if requested by the authorities. This smart mechanism improves the efficiency of business and communication practices while mitigating compliance-related risks at your organization.

Enabling your compliance excellence

From six elements to a single, integrated and scalable product. This is Verint Verba, our modular enterprise compliance platform. The Elements of Compliance combine omnichannel conversation capture and data archiving with proactive communication governance, speech analytics, recording assessment and financial quality management capabilities to help your business effortlessly manage risk and regulatory compliance. Visit our website, read the Verba blog and engage with us at one of the upcoming tradeshows to learn how the Elements of Compliance can help your business differentiate by turning complexity into a strategic advantage.

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