Verba guidance on the WannaCry ransomware attack

By May 19, 2017 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

The latest ransomware cyber-attack “WannaCry”  (named  also “WannaCrypt”, “WanaCrypt0r”, “Wanna Decryptor”, “Wannadecrytor” or “WCRY”) that emerged on May 12, 2017 has now propagated to more than 150 countries all over the world impacting tens of thousands of systems across diverse industries from hospitals to manufacturing sites.

Verba takes system reliability and security seriously. With this guidance, we would like to address our customers’ questions and concerns related to solutions from Verba.

Review and follow the official Microsoft guidance

Verba products run on Windows Servers. If your Windows Servers not fully patched, you are at potential risk of WannaCry ransomware infection and corrective action may be necessary.

The ransomware spreads like a worm on outdated systems by leveraging vulnerabilities that were fixed by Microsoft in a security patch (MS17-010) issued in March 2017. Customers with Windows Update enabled are protected against the attacks.

Windows related important information on the defensive actions against the WannaCry ransomware is available in the concise Microsoft guideline titled Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks. Please check, and if necessary, follow the instructions that apply to your environment.

Review and test your Verba backup procedures

We recommend all Verba customers to use this incident to review and test backup procedures based on our Verba Backup Best Practices recommendation.


In summary as far as your Verba system is concerned please ensure the following:

  • your Windows servers are fully patched at all times,
  • local/NAS/SAN drives containing media and database files are frequently backed-up to avoid potential data loss in the event that ransomware such as WannaCry encrypts your files.

Should you have additional questions on this topic reach out to our support team at https://support.verba.com.