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This post introduces some of the most important features of Verint Verba Archive, a stronghold in our portfolio. This module of Verint Verba provides a sophisticated archival policy framework to define rules for data retention, validation, access and storage. 

Verint Verba Archive not only encapsulates a robust set of archiving, security and advanced compliance features, but provides an extensive and scalable data management framework. Through our technology partnerships, Verint Verba offers unparalleled capabilities for data import, processing, retention and storage that help businesses accelerate data retrieval, ensure data integrity, enable seamless compliance investigations and meet record-keeping requirements.

Either you want to control the lifecycle of your archived media, import external data to the Verba archive, meet legal hold obligations or safeguard your interactions in next-generation cloud storage targets, Verint Verba Archive has got you covered.


Effortless compliance

Monitoring the high volume of interactions that takes place on a daily basis is a challenge, especially for businesses with multi-site operations. With its ability to securely archive multiple media types captured from various UC environments, Verint Verba Archive provides a fully integrated solution for storing, monitoring, retrieving and replaying your most critical interactions. This module makes it easier than ever before to locate and replay recordings or specific events in a recording.

Future-proof security

Verint Verba Archive delivers a full suite of powerful security features, including encryption, role-based access control, audit trails, change log history and many more, that support your collaboration compliance efforts. The platform ensures that your sensitive data and high-value information are always secured. By doing so, Verint Verba helps you prevent reputational damage, non-compliance fines and data breach costs.

Data Retention

Verint Verba Archive provides a sophisticated storage policy framework allowing your business to define rules for data retention. These policies automate storage management and control the recorded data lifecycle in the system. It also provides flexible options to manage the recorded media in the system by allowing administrators to configure retention rules based on various filter criteria.

Users can configure data retention policies to specify the storage location of recorded conversations, delete conversations permanently, apply tamper-proof encryption and digital signatures for secure storage or define the scope of phonetic indexing for rapid e-discovery.

Storage integrations

This module provides seamless integration with a wide spectrum of storage solutions for online operation and archival. Thanks to Verint Verba’s widest set of third-party storage integrations on the market, there is no need for dedicated archiving or backup solution. Your organization can leverage its current investments and reduce operational and maintenance costs by integrating the archiving and backup functions into the existing infrastructure. We are gradually adding new integration capabilities with external storage solutions, such as EMC Centera, IBM TSM, Smarsh, NetApp Snaplock, Hitachi Content Platform, Amazon S3 and many more.

Legal Hold

Legal Hold is built around the simple concept of labels that can be used to categorize recordings according to any criteria, by anyone in the organization. Your compliance team can create any case-specific label and collaboratively label conversations using search, mass labeling and speech analytics. Legal Hold can be enabled for labels with only a few clicks in the user-friendly Verba web interface, where optional descriptions can also be added in the Legal Hold Reference text field.

This non-exhaustive list has been only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the capabilities this module opens up for businesses across industries. Verint Verba Archive covers a wide scope of features in the data management and advanced compliance space tackling the most complex regulatory requirements – all from a single intuitive user interface. Visit our website or get in touch with us to learn more about how to best leverage this element to future-proof your collaboration compliance.

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