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Case Study – Securitas Direct

By March 27, 2015 March 7th, 2019 No Comments

Verba assist organizations across a wide range of different verticals from finance and education to healthcare and government.  There are many respected organizations that trust Verba to deliver a flexible, scalable, user-friendly solution that can meet their call recording requirements. This week, let’s take a look at Securitas Direct, a global security company which deployed the Verba Recording System.

Securitas is a global knowledge leader in security, with a broad range of services covering specialized guarding, technology solutions, consulting and investigations, they customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver effective security solutions. There are more than 300,000 employees in 52 countries with one and half million customers worldwide.

One branch of the organization, Securitas Direct is one of Europe’s largest security companies, which deliver home security products and services, primarily responsible for the security of people’s homes and small businesses.

Why did Securitas Direct require the Verba Recording System?

In 2004, the organization was restructured and a new branch Securitas Aroundio was created.  Within this new structure, a new phone system was required with a new call recording solution. The existing call recording solution used many servers and had an expensive IT footprint; there were different systems employed in different countries. The organization wanted to rationalize, replacing many solutions, with one recording platform. Securitas Direct selected the Verba Recording System, which had the capability to record calls on one server.

What were the benefits for Securitas Direct?

  • Legal compliance – national legislation exists in Norway which requires companies to effectively monitor their calls. Organizations have to abide by these legal regulations. Securitas Direct were obligated by law to adopt an appropriate call recording solution to record customer interactions. The Verba Recording System ensured the group met these legal regulations and enabled the organization to remain compliant
  • Effective training and evaluation – contact center agents review their own inbound and outbound calls. There are training sessions which take place on a monthly basis where Supervisors assess and evaluate a sample of different phone interactions. The training is not fixed and occurs as and when it is required – this is dependent on which country the department is based in. Every team conducts training in a different manner, it is not uniform across the organization. Areas include: how contact center agents respond to calls and how they can improve their approach. Reviewing these calls regularly ensures effective evaluation and assessment of contact center agent interactions with customers. Ultimately this process of monitoring and training ensures that Securitas Direct provide good customer support
  • Versatility of the solution – eventually Securitas are seeking to increase the number of users steadily over a period of time.  There is scope with the Verba Recording System to add a vast number additional users or remove existing ones, whenever this is required
  • Deployment of system – a straightforward solution to implement
  • Web-based solution – the web interface is user-friendly and this ensures there is good end user compatibility. Users can record and locate recorded calls swiftly via the web interface
  • Comprehensive audit of call recordings – Securitas Direct can issue recordings as and when requested or required
  • Flexibility of the software – the web interface is user-friendly and this ensures good end user compatibility
  • Serves multiple locations via one server – different branches of the organization have the same call recording solution on one server
  • Cost-effective – the Verba Recording System is very competitive and on par with vastly more expensive call recording solutions
  • Tailored service for customers – Verba always addresses individual customer needs and develop bespoke solutions, if required

Frode Beckstrom, Senior IP Telephony Specialist feels the solution was ‘easy to implement, which doesn’t take much time.” Deploying the Verba Recording System was extremely successful and beneficial for Securitas Direct.

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