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Case Study – Freebridge

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Verba Technologies have a wide spectrum of customers across a range of different verticals – the nature of requests from these organizations can vary greatly. Verba always accommodates these specific requirements and provide bespoke solution to our customers.

Freebridge Community Housing own and manage around 7,000 properties and 17 sheltered schemes in the United Kingdom. Around 200 people are employed, including their own Property Services team of operatives and a First Contact Center based at their main office.

Why did Freebridge require the Verba Recording System?

Freebridge had previously used another call recording system. However, no additional software updates were possible with this system.  Over a period of time, different teams, which included the Contact Center, were migrated to Lync Enterprise Voice. The Contact Center team regularly dealt with customer payments over the phone and it was a compulsory requirement for these calls to abide by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS compliance). The PCI-DSS security standards are technical and operational requirements that help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud. The standards apply to all organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data.

The previous call recording system would control recording by injecting a DTMF tone into the call. When the tone was detected by the call recorder, the recording was stopped and restarted when the card payment was completed. This was a manual process for the agents, which involved starting and stopping the recordings.

What were the benefits?

5Freebridge selected Verba. Verba set up a Proof of Concept to ensure the organization was completely satisfied with the Verba Recording System before it was deployed. The housing provider specifically required PCI-DSS compliance and Verba customised its PCI -DSS feature to automatically start/stop recordings based on the payment portal webpage. For further information visit

Tobie Fysh, Business Systems Architect is responsible for the scope and lead of deployments within the organisation covering the Microsoft stack (Exchange, Lync and Active Directory). He was very impressed, “For everything we requested, the developers had written something that worked in the way we wished.”

The calls recorded via the Verba Recording System allow end users to listen to their own calls. These do not have to be downloaded since they can be listened to within the Verba web interface, where access is audited. If a member of staff wishes to share their call/s with their manager, they can do so. Internally this provides an invaluable resource to coach staff. As a result, the quality of the training processes within Freebridge has been  enhanced and the solution is also useful for monitoring and auditing purposes.

The Verba Recording System has provided numerous benefits:

  • Auto – Pause – the solution is intuitive and automatically stops recording when a customer shares their payment card details with an agent – this is PCI- DSS sensitive information. When the payment details have been completed, the solution automatically resumes recording.
  • Adaptable solution – the support team are always willing to accommodate Freebridge’s requests.  Tobie felt the team provided consistent support with “such a fast response from a knowledgeable technical team. The product is well supported.  Verba are open and nothing is hidden.”   
  • Smooth deployment – Freebridge simply provided a virtual server and Verba support completed the installation in a seamless manner.
  • Granularity on permissions and security – this is built-in to the Verba solution. Not everyone has access to recorded calls.  Individuals and groups are granted user rights so. For example, only the Legal team are allowed to download calls which may be required to be submitted to court.
  • Seamless integration with other systems – currently Freebridge are using ISDN30 connection into Lync 2010, eventually Freebridge will transfer to SIP trunks and the Verba Recording System will continue to work and record natively within Lync.  The previous call recording system would have been incompatible with SIP and would have required an upgrade.

Tobie thinks the Verba Recording System has made a positive impact within the Freebridge Community Housing. The end users are happy with the solution and this has resulted in more effective telephone interaction with tenants and enhanced the training methods within Freebridge.