Verba Compliance Store Integrations

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Verba Compliance StoreFor regulated organisations, instant message archiving, phone and video call recording are essential requirements for compliance reasons. Recorded calls need to be stored, archived and produced efficiently. Archiving the recorded information into trusted compliance stores is a perfect solution.

In Verba 8.0 we have added the fundamental building blocks for future compliance store integrations. Since 8.0, we have released integration with Actiance Vantage, NetApp SnapLock and EMC Isilon SmartLock.

Currently, we are finalizing integrations with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Smarsh, EMC Centera and working on our first cloud storage integrations (Azure Storage and Amazon S3).

Verba support for compliance stores

Compliance stores guarantee that archived files cannot be deleted and modified until a set data retention period expires. There maybe be legal requirements to store recordings for many years, compliance stores provide a peace of mind for the compliance team.

In Verba we have introduced new concepts:

  • since 8.0 data retention periods can be directly on conversations individually (earlier this was possible for sets of conversations)
  • when sending to a compliance store that system will honor either the individually set retention period or the generally configured retention period for the compliance store
  • Storage Audit – all storage actions (archive, delete, upload, transcode and export) are now archived in per-conversation audit log
  • Storage monitoring – tasks running/finished can now be monitored via the Verba web interface

Legal compliance in global deployments

The Verba platform can store calls on multiple storage targets as required.  This provides us with the ability to geographically route recorded conversations (media files). This helps comply with legal requirements in global deployments, where users are located in different countries, but need to be recorded by one global Verba deployment.

Per-conversation retention information in search

The search interface can now present per conversation data retention information (see the last the columns):


You can not only see, but also change Retention if necessary permissions are granted to you.

If you would like further information, please contact one of our experts.