Verba Collaboration Compliance Platform is Now Citrix Ready

By July 28, 2017 August 14th, 2017 Skype for Business, Solutions

Verba Collaboration Compliance Platform has been verified as Citrix Ready. Customers can be confident that Verba has successfully completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack, XenApp, and XenDesktop, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.

“As a member of the Citrix Ready program, we are able to offer customers intelligent solutions that combine our communication recording, archiving and compliance solution with the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack product,” said Gabor Moczar, CTO of Verba Technologies. “The offering clearly demonstrates our plans to work closely with trusted partners, through the Citrix Ready partner ecosystem, in order to provide the highest quality experience for our customers.”

Verba Collaboration Compliance Platform

The Verba solution offers a remedy to the communication compliance problems for regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare or government. The system allows recording and archiving of all aspects of Skype for Business: voice, video, instant messaging, screen and application share, file share, whiteboard, and polls. It integrates with 15+ storage and archiving platforms including WORM storage systems and cloud platforms. Advanced compliance and eDiscovery features like transcription, voice quality check, CDR reconciliation, legal hold, case and compliance workflows, voice notifications and announcements help organizations meet strict regulatory requirements.

The proactive compliance capabilities let users set up communication policies or information boundaries for both external and internal communications (disclaimer notifications, session/presence/contact blocking, content filtering).


Skype for Business with Citrix RealTime Optimization Pack and Verba

The Verba system interacts with the Skype for Business platform on the network level by updating specific SIP/SDP messages to enable the recording of voice, video and screen share streams. The verification testing with Citrix ensures that the Verba solution works with endpoints using the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack, where all audio/video processing is offloaded from the terminal server to the end-user device or terminal, thus optimizing the quality of the call with minimal impact on server scalability. Find more information on the HDX technology here.

Here are some of the key product features:

  • Supports recording and archiving of all Skype for Business modalities/features: voice, video, IM, screen/application share, file share, whiteboard, polls, etc.
  • Pro-active compliance capabilities for unified communications: ethical wall, session blocking, content filtering, disclaimer notifications
  • Full Active Directory integration for centralized configuration
  • Integration with 15+ storage and archiving platforms including WORM storage systems and cloud solutions
  • Advanced compliance features: voice quality check, CDR reconciliation, legal hold, cases, compliance workflows, announcements
  • Advanced analytics: integrated speech search and transcription, full-text IM transcript search, reporting, dashboard

Read more about Verba solution on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.