Verba at Cisco Live 2013

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Cisco Live logoThe brightest minds in  IT congregated at Cisco Live 2013 in sunny Orlando, Florida last week with an estimated 20,000 visitors from network engineers to senior executives in attendance.  It was a great opportunity to knowledge share, obtain strategic insights, and discover in-depth technical education and training.

As the sun set this year on Cisco Live, it certainly showcased how the pace of technology is rapid, ever-changing and proved to be an insightful event for all parties concerned.

cisco live teamSam, Greg, Lori, Brent and Peter were present from Verba, not only to impart their knowledge and promote the unique call recording software, but to learn more and network.

Call recording technology is vital in many sectors.  Peter Jasko, who heads up our business development in the UK, felt there was a great deal of discussion around the education sector in particular:

“There was more talk about the school sector and recording in this area.  A number of customers talked to us about the support issues with the client and spent a great deal of time trying to solve this.  As a result, they wanted to switch over to another system.”

Verba delivers the future of call recording – today

Another theme that emerged from Cisco Live was that video was becoming prominent with call recording technology.  Lori Peterson, Director of US Sales, feels this is certainly the way things will develop:

“Video calls are coming.  Why would you buy a recording system today that doesn’t cover your future video requirements?”

Universal Studios - Cisco Live 2013

Sam Daroczy, who heads up global business development, certainly feels the Verba call recording solution provides added value:

“We have found more and more service providers running the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) to offer Unified Communications as a cloud service. The multi-tenant Verba Service Provider solution is a great value added service for their customers.”

It was not all work and no play though!  Midweek during Cisco Live, it was a certainly a case of ‘lights, camera, action!’ for 8 to 10,000 visitors who attended Universal Studios to experience behind the screen and go beyond it at the world’s premier movie and TV-based theme park.  Verba certainly enjoyed their time there!