UC Today: Exploring Microsoft Teams Recording with Verint

By June 16, 2020 MS Teams
UC Today Featured Phil Fry from Verint to Explore Microsoft Teams Recording

UC Today‘s Rob Scott recently hosted Tom Arbuthnot, UC Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified Master and MVP, and special guest Phil Fry, VP of Product Strategy at Verint, to explore the latest innovations from the world of Microsoft Teams Collaboration.

In the session, they delved into the world of Microsoft Teams Recording in relation to the recent API release by Microsoft and examined how Verint is leading the charge with the recently released secure and compliant recording solution for Teams.

They covered the following aspects of Microsoft Teams recording:

  • What’s been the state of play with call recording and Microsoft Teams and what’s changed
  • How important is regulatory compliance when implementing a collaboration solution such as Microsoft Teams?
  • What are the common challenges for globally dispersed teams or companies with home workers/ remote workers?
  • Is it possible to record/capture all the different types of interaction that Teams makes available to users?
  • How easy is it to deploy interaction recording for Microsoft Teams?

Watch the video interview or take a listen to the podcast at your convenience via UC Today!

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