Verba Reaches for the Clouds

Our team

Verba takes every opportunity to support athletes, artists and other forms of self-expression that resonate with our philanthropic goals. As part of this effort, Verba visited Orsolya Diófási-Kovács, a member of the Hungarian Gliding Team at a training competition in her preparation for the Women’s World Gliding Championships.

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Four major trends in Call Recording

Trends and thoughts

In the last three weeks, we had the opportunity to talk to many of our call recording partners and customers at trade-shows in the US, in Europe and in the Middle East. Although there are regional differences, from New York to Dubai, there are common trends that no one in our industry can ignore. Back…

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VMware Ready Certified Call Recording


The Verba unified call recording platform is now VMware Ready. Our solution is the world’s first unified communications recording solution with video call recording capabilities to pass the official test. This certification shows that the Verba solution provides great performance in these virtualized environments. It improves hardware utilization, redundancy, provides operational efficiencies, all whilst reducing costs.

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