Voice Transcription & Speech Analytics

In the heavily regulated world of financial services and trading, knowing what is being said, and by whom, is critical for ensuring compliance. Relying on random sampling to detect potential issues, signs of insider trading and patterns of misconduct can be slow and resource-intensive. Using Verint, your business can make sense of unstructured voice streams, accurately reconstruct trade-related conversations and surface non-compliant activities to avoid fines, reputational damage, and loss of business.

Unlock Value in Unstructured
Voice Streams

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Verint introduces advanced speech transcription, search and analysis capabilities for the financial trading industry. Our AI-driven solutions combine machine learning and speech recognition with tailored financial language models to glean words and phrases of interest from complex, noisy communication streams with higher accuracy than other transcription engines.

The transcription engine specializes in taking inputs from trading turrets, unified communications platforms and enterprise voice streams to identify key information about financial instruments, quotes and trades. This way it can help compliance and IT teams verify how a specific trade was negotiated and what was agreed between traders, clients and counterparties. Uniquely designed to interpret the ‘tribal languages’ and complex, jargon-heavy lexicons of the trading floor, Verint features include highly accurate transcriptions, as well as trading-specific insights, categories and meta data that facilitate investigations and trade reconstruction.

Turn Speech to Text With Ease

Speech Transcription

The solution enables users to run free text search against the transcribed conversation and apply the following search filters: by financial instrument, quote and trade value, sentiment score, or key financial terms. Conversation search results will also display these trading insights. The media playback application will allow the user to navigate directly to the segment of the interaction when the trade occurred, or the key term was used, to ease compliance investigations and help users reconstruct the chain of events of a trade more efficiently. Transcribed calls can be searched, categorized and analyzed in the context of other recorded communication channels used during the trading lifecycle such as chat logs, video streams, or file attachments.

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Extract Accurate Voice Transcripts

Use AI and machine learning to transcribe voice streams from financial and trading environments.

Ease of Integration

The solution can be integrated to external engines and solutions for increased efficiency and lowered costs.

Advanced Search Functionality

Speech recognition, indexing and search capabilities for fast retrieval and in-depth analysis of recordings

Enhanced Discovery & Playback

Use advanced call query and any meta-data information to improve search results and intuitive playback controls for rapid insights.

Fine-grained Speech Technology

Leverage speaker identification, audio stream optimization, language model customization, data extraction, and more.

Making Sense of Trader Voice

Turn dense financial trading terminology and specific domain lexicons into structured data for trade reconstruction.

Enhance Compliance Investigations

Advanced Speech-to-Text & Phonetic Boosting

Verint’s advanced transcription engine offers a completely customizable toolkit that can enable financial firms to improve accuracy by tailoring their language models to work directly with their specific employee accents and workflows. Users can analyze communications in more than 40 languages and a variety of accents when augmented by Verint’s standard transcription module. It can enable your team to create, train, and customize new lexicons, feed historical audio and text sources into the engine for enhanced results, and integrate them with other data and context sources.

With phonetic boosting, you can expand the vocabulary of the existing language model, enhance recognition of existing terms, suppress competing terms, and supplement pronunciations. This can help you accurately reconstruct trade-related interactions and quickly locate compliance breaches.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Real-time Alerts

Better still, the solution can automatically process and mine the entire content of calls and alert on issues in near-real time to help reduce the negative consequences of non-compliance. It can automatically screen interactions for specific keywords or phrases and categorize calls based on predefined labeling rules. The solution can help identify signs of anomalies, surface critical information, and enable your business to demonstrate best practices. This automated discovery capability can provide you with the ability to act on potential compliance issues before they escalate.


Increased data security through powerful encryption, digital signatures, access control, audit logs and secure workflows.


Comprehensive data management framework offering data export, import, processing, and storage.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Automated policy enforcement, production of auditable datasets, and enhanced reporting.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to ensure seamless recording.

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