Voice Call Recording

Verint offers an enterprise-grade, automated voice call recording solution that was designed to help financial services companies meet strict regulatory requirements. Used by leading banks and investment firms globally, our award-winning communication capture system enables businesses to record landline voice, mobile voice, peer-to-peer voice calling, and audio conferencing from any regulated user at your organization.

Record And Preserve Voice Streams From Corporate Communications

Verint’s voice recording technology spans always-on and selective recording modes, offers centralized data capture methods and supports various conversation scenarios. By doing so, our solution can seamlessly adapt to your specific technical requirements and help address sophisticated compliance demands.

Our voice recording solution supports single- or multi-site networks deployed at branch offices, back-office and contact center operations, and trading environments. As the recording system is easy to scale, it can seamlessly adapt to your changing voice recording demands thus help you manage the change of users, endpoints and back-end infrastructure.

keeping records of transaction-related interactions

No matter if the voice call to be captured is performed via a trading turret, a desk phone, a cellphone or a collaboration tool, Verint can centrally record critical and compliance-sensitive interactions in an automated fashion, without interference with call performance and no impact on the caller experience. Furthermore, our system provides a range of recording methods and flexible architecture to ensure that your organization can benefit from voice recording regardless of size, IT infrastructure, geographic location or call traffic.

Verint delivers a unified communication compliance system including not only voice recording but centralized maintenance, administration, data management, search, categorization, playback and retrieval of all captured interactions. It is based on open standards and provides rich integrations for data export and import to help your team transfer recorded calls to third-party systems or migrate legacy voice recordings from recorders and other external data sources to your Verint recorder.


Use a robust and reliable solution to capture voice-based interactions originating from trading turret, unified communications, collaboration, mobile, and enterprise telephony environments.


Verint not only allows you to record calls but retain, manage, search, analyze and retrieve voice records through an intuitive interface and purpose-built functionalities to help you address complex compliance requirements.


Record your staff at all times or on-demand, leverage centralized capture methods, such as network-based, dial-in, passive or proxy-based recording, for inbound, outbound, federated, PSTN, conference and mobile call scenarios.


Verint provides automatic indexing, phonetic search, speech transcription and data analysis features to help your business turn unstructured voice streams into actionable business intelligence and proof of evidence.


Verint provides recording redundancy, high availability and assurance options ensuring that all conversations get into the recorded database and that the recording service is up and running to avoid breaches in compliance.


Verint provides enhanced scalability to help you remain compliant as your business evolves. Select the deployment option that best suits your technical and compliance requirements while enabling cost-effectiveness.

Providing Versatile Voice Recording Technology

  • Supporting Multiple Call Scenarios – internal, external, PSTN, mobile, conference, federated calls
  • Trader Voice Recording – supporting complex call scenarios and redundancy requirements via leading trading turret platforms
  • SIP Recording (SIPREC) – record voice calls and media routed via Session Border Controllers (SBC) and other telephony endpoints that support SIP protocol
  • Network-based Recording – recording voice calls forked either from the gateways or from IP phones
  • Gateway-forking – captures communication flow from gateways
  • Dial-In Recording – users can call into a recorder line for dictation or ad-hoc conference recording
  • Proxy-based Recording – relays your conversations through the Verint proxy-server
  • Dual-stream Recording – available with proxy-based recording to ensure high availability
  • Mobile Voice Capture – record voice via public mobile networks or mobile endpoints when using messaging and collaboration apps

Record Voice Across Multiple Platforms

Supported Endpoints & Platforms


Unified Communications & Collaboration

Trading Turret Systems

Mobile Networks

Telephony & Collaboration Endpoints

Session Border Controllers


Capturing omnichannel communications


Your ultimate solution for records retention and data management

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