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The rise of an increasingly digitized and video-enabled collaboration across teams creates the need to make these communications fully compliant. In financial services, trading and other regulated industries, conformance with internal rules and legislation may involve capturing and preserving video calls, video conferencing and video-enabled meetings that occur via collaboration tools, SIP video endpoints, and conference room systems. Mitigate the compliance risk associated with video collaboration within your teams.

Enable Robust Compliance for All Your Video Collaboration

Verint provides a leading recording solution which integrates with various unified communications, video conference, telepresence, and collaboration room endpoints. Our video capture technology enables robust compliance capabilities for businesses to remove the barriers to using this communication mode when connecting with internal teams, counter parties, partners and clients. Organizations of any size can implement video call recording as part of their wider communications capture infrastructure in the very same way as voice, IM or screen recording.

Using Verint’s proven compliance recording technology, your business can automatically record video-based interactions via various platforms including Cisco UC, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, Symphony and other collaboration endpoints. Either it’s a video call made via an IP phone or a video conference hosted using a collaboration tool, Verint takes compliance concerns away and provides an integrated solution for data capture, record-keeping, monitoring, assurance, and information governance.

Our solution provides a unified search experience, where video call and conference media records are presented in the same view as voice, IM, and other recorded modalities. Video sessions are fully searchable using automatic labeling, filters, and advanced search criteria. They are presented in an easily navigable playback interface and streamlined conversation viewer which provides access to the media stream, the audio transcript and the related metadata to ease discovery and retrieval when it comes to fulfill audit and regulatory requests.

Beyond offering robust video call recording and archiving capabilities, Verint enables centralized maintenance, administration, data management, categorization, analysis, and retrieval of all captured interactions. It is based on open standards and provides rich integrations for data export and import to help your team transfer captured video collaboration records to third-party systems or migrate legacy video streams and metadata from external recorders and other data sources to your Verint recorder.


Use a robust and reliable solution to capture, securely store and monitor video-based interactions originating from unified communications tools, collaboration endpoints, and conference room systems by Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and Polycom.


Verint not only allows you to record video interactions but retain, manage, search, replay, analyze and retrieve records using an intuitive interface and purpose-built functionalities to help you address complex requirements.


Record your staff at all times or on-demand, leverage centralized capture methods, such as SIPREC, dial-in, or proxy-based recording, and safeguard archived media through secure access control and end-to-end encryption.


Verint provides automatic indexing, phonetic search, and speech transcription to help your business turn massive volumes of video communications into actionable business intelligence and compliance evidence.


Leverage recording redundancy, high availability and assurance options ensuring that all conversations get into the recorded database and that the recording service is up and running to avoid breaches in compliance.


We provide your business with enhanced scalability to help you remain compliant as your business evolves. Select the deployment option that best suits your technical and compliance requirements while enabling cost-effectiveness.

Verint offers a comprehensive video call recording solution for widely used IP telephony, collaboration, SBC, telepresence and conference room endpoints. Our platform enables centralized, automated capture for any nominated user in your organization while supporting various video conference recording scenarios.

Weaving Compliance Into Video Meetings

Collaboration Compliance

Accelerate search for relevant conversations, apply smart workflows, and work on compliance cases.

Enhanced Security

Use role-based access control, encrypted storage, full audit logs, and enhanced security features for data integrity.

Lightweight Technology

Providing an effective recording approach for video calls and conferences without consuming relevant system and network bandwidth resources.

No-touch Video Call Recording

Use automated, central recording without the need to manually trigger the recording from the endpoint.

Multichannel Recording

Deploy a single communication recording solution no matter the type of media you need to capture.

Resiliency and Scalability

Our technology offers high-availability, redundancy, load balancing and multi-site capabilities to support large scale or mission-critical environments.

Capture Video Conferencing From Multiple Platforms


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Landline & Mobile Voice | Instant Messaging & Chat | Mobile SMS | Video | Desktop Screen | Screen/App Sharing | File Transfer | Whiteboarding | Polls & Q&A


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Your ultimate solution for records retention and data management

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