Symphony Communication Recording

Verint is first in the market to provide unified compliance recording for all forms of messaging and collaboration available in the Symphony platform. Our powerful compliance technology allows you to centrally capture, archive, retrieve, analyze and monitor Symphony chat, voice calls, file sharing, and other forms of communication with a single solution.

Powering Compliant Symphony Messaging

For The Financial Markets

As Symphony is increasingly used by global banks and other verticals of the financial community for secure internal and external collaboration, businesses need to ensure they remain compliant with regulatory requirements for the capture, retention, governance and surveillance of voice and electronic communications. At Verint, we have designed a resilient, tamper-resistant compliance recording integration with the Symphony communication and chat app to help financial services firms and other regulated businesses adhere to complex policies and industry regulations.

Our enterprise-grade, integrated recording solution can enable your business to capture, store, manage, categorize and retrieve Symphony messaging spanning voice calls, peer-to-peer chat, file sharing, and other forms of enterprise collaboration. Augmenting the robust recording foundation, Verint offers agile and automated compliance features to help IT, compliance, and operations teams confidently meet regulatory requirements. All captured interactions are stored in an easily navigable repository with advanced speech-to-text, search, playback, labeling, case management and export functionality to support eDiscovery, trade reconstruction, compliance investigations, and evidencing.

Capture All Symphony Chat And Communications

Our compliance recording technology can help banks, investment firms, asset managers, broker-dealers and other regulated firms manage the complexities of regulatory compliance across all interactions performed via Symphony’s cloud-based collaboration platform. Using Verint, you can set up and automate recording policies down to a group or user level and make interactions readily available for easy identificatioin, retrieval and analysis so that they can be used for business intelligence, information governance, compliance audit or investigations.

Symphony communication recording from Verint can infuse enterprise-ready capture capabilities into your collaboration environment across front, middle, and back-office operations. Our compliance platform can help your teams modernize and simplify recording infrastructure and associated administration, maintenance, and oversight activities.

Symphony Communication Recording

Collaborate Without Compromising on Compliance

Centralized Symphony Collaboration Recording

Add tamper-resistant, resilient compliance recording to your Symphony communication environment

Record All Communication Modes

Capture voice, chat, file sharing, and other modes of collaboration from desktop and mobile endpoints.

Robust Data Retention and Data Governance

Securely archive, retrieve, and control interaction records - and apply location-based re-routing of recording sessions to meet data sovereignty demands

Enable Complete Call Recording Compliance

Automatically monitor the functionality and performance of the recorder estate and validate the quality of the recorded data.

Powerful Transcription and Analytics

Search, transcribe, categorize and analyze interactions for rapid insights, data discovery and trade reconstruction.

Improved Oversight and Efficiency

Automate compliance processes, streamline investigation, and use real-time dashboards for greater agility.
How We Help Our Clients

Tier 1 Global Bank Partners with Verint to Enable Compliant Enterprise Collaboration

A Tier 1 Global Bank entrusted Symphony, Verint and Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) to support their digital transformation through the implementation of Symphony’s secure, cloud-based messaging and collaboration app and the associated compliance recording infrastructure across their organization. The financial firm chose Verint as the first compliance technology provider who is ready to provide advanced communication capture capabilities for Symphony while offering open APIs to help ensure seamless integration with other environments.

The solution will help the bank capture, store and monitor voice, screen and content share from across over 3000 regulated users in EMEA while automatically validating the quality of the captured voice streams to facilitate regulatory compliance. As the services partner involved, TDS has been integral to ensuring frictionless support and augmenting the value delivered with unparalleled experience in providing technology services for financial organizations globally.

This strong partnership and engagement demonstrates how financial institutions can leverage a unique blend of secure collaboration technology, integrated compliance recording, and value-added services to enable risk-free enterprise productivity.

Manage Compliance Risk for Symphony Chat & Collaboration

The solution is based on open APIs, so it can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Deployed on premises, it can centrally record all Symphony peer-to-peer and group interactions and related metadata for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting purposes.

Verint offers a single point of administration and a centralized view across your deployment, helping you tackle the complexity posed by multiple proprietary systems, while reducing the effort and cost associated with ongoing maintenance. It can help your business reduce the hardware footprint, technical infrastructure, IT workload, and operating costs associated with Symphony communication recording and data management.


Increased data security through powerful encryption, digital signatures, access control and authorization workflows.


Centralized SIP-based recording and media import of internal and external call and collaboration scenarios


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Tamper-resistant, always-on recording and geographical re-routing for data sovereignty requirements


Offers multiple recording modes of voice, chat, file sharing, and more across desktop and mobile endpoints.


Offering resilient 2N recording to ensure seamless recording procedure without service disruptions.

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