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Verint Verba’s cross-platform compatibility with leading Unified Communications, contact center, IP telephony, trading floor and analog communications solution vendors means that the system will integrate seamlessly into your current communications environment. No matter if you are using Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya, BroadSoft or any other platform, Verint Verba delivers additional functionality and significant value to your existing investment. Our solution offers flexible recording scenarios and various recording methods to get the most out of your communications solution.

Regardless of the channel or the device, Verint Verba provides everything your business needs to meet compliance and quality management objectives. We bring you the flexibility to deploy the solution on premise or as a cloud-based solution by using Verint Verba’s proven service provider, multi-tenant capabilities or record hybrid UC platforms within the same recording system. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-site enterprise, Verint Verba offers a reliable recording system that is packed with flexible, innovative tools to define and manage all your recording needs.

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Capture any modality including voice, video, IM, desktop screens, screen and application sharing, whiteboarding, file transfer, polls and Q&A, for a truly unified recording experience.


Verint Verba integrates seamlessly into your current communications environment to deliver additional functionality and significant value to your existing UC investment.


Featuring always-on, selective and on-demand recording modes and supporting multiple methods, such as dial-in recording, passive or proxy-based recording.


Designed for VoIP service providers, Verint Verba offers multiple virtual environments on a single platform that are fully secured, with independent configuration.


Verint Verba provides redundancy options for various modalities ensuring that all conversations get into the recorded database to avoid costly disruptions and ensure high availability of your recordings.


Built on a robust recording platform, Verint Verba offers centralized or multi-site recording. Share your recording resources easily and securely among multiple sites to maximize cost-effectiveness.

Collaboration recording for Cisco

Verint Verba offers the most complete collaboration recording solution for Cisco on the market. Built on our award-winning platform, our solution provides enterprise-wide recording for any nominated user in your organization, while offering a variety of recording modes, methods and supporting various conversation scenarios. Verint Verba has a long-standing history on the Cisco UC landscape by offering a future-proof, reliable and versatile communication and collaboration recording solution for customers using Cisco UC.

Certified solution from a Cisco partner

Verint Verba participates in the Cisco Developer Network, which ensures that the Verint Verba recording platform is fully compatible with all Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions. This partnership provides a sound foundation for Cisco customers seeking long-term reliability.

Verified Cisco Compatible recording system

Verint Verba is a Cisco Compatible solution. It was verified repeatedly by Cisco Systems through the very rigorous Interoperability and Verification Testing (IVT) many times for different Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions since 2003. The official Cisco Compatible status ensures that customers using Verint Verba are able to protect their investment and can leverage the full functionality of the Cisco UCM platform together with the recording system.

Protect your Cisco UC investment with a verified recording solution

Delivering the most versatile recording
technology for Cisco

Covers all conversation scenarios – internal, PSTN, mobile, conference, via Expressway
Cisco Jabber IM and Voice Recording – through compliance APIs, supporting mobile and desktop
Passive Recording – SPAN-based for SCCP and SIP phones and SIP trunks
Network-based Recording – RTP-forking from Cisco phones with built-in-bridge support
Gateway-forking – collects conversations from Cisco TDM gateways and CUBE (mobile recording)
Dial-In Recording – users can call into a recorder line for dictation or ad-hoc conference recording
Proxy-based Recording – relays your conversations through the Verint Verba proxy-server
Dual-stream Recording – available with proxy-based recording to ensure high availability
Recording announcements – provided for incoming and outgoing PSTN calls

Capture all Cisco conversation scenarios

Proxy-based recording for Cisco

This unique technology for Cisco fills a gap in current recording technologies. Combined with other available recording methods, proxy-based recording brings you the ability to record all Cisco conversation scenarios, which is essential from a regulatory compliance perspective. Proxy-based recording enhances your Cisco recording capabilities:

  • Record MRA (Cisco Jabber) calls through Cisco Expressway
  • Simplify video recording and setup, making it easier to avoid network misconfigurations while eliminating data loss
  • Extend encrypted voice and video call recording to all conversation  scenarios and helps to adhere to data security standards
  • Allow dual-stream recording on Cisco (industry first), that corresponds with redundancy and high availability requirements
  • Block conversations if the recording infrastructure is not available, therefore mitigating the legal consequences of losing calls

Collaboration Recording for Skype for Business

With Verint Verba, you can add enterprise-level recording capabilities for Skype for Business (formerly Lync) platforms to capture all communication modalities, such as voice, IM, video, desktop screen, screen and application share and content share (files, polls, whiteboarding). Our versatile server-side recording technology does not require any additional client software installed on your client PCs or devices.

Unique recording with built-in enterprise features

Verint Verba is the most complete Skype for Business recording solution in the market. It encompasses an enterprise-level recording technology with comprehensive collaboration compliance recording and quality management solutions, featuring a variety of rich functionalities.

The automated, always-on call recording mode feature starts the recording without any user action, making it a perfect Skype for Business compliance solution. Other options, like the on-demand and always-on recording for internal, inbound and outbound conversations are all supported on Lync 2010/Lync 2013/Skype for Business clients on all desktop and mobile platforms, and all Skype for Business compatible devices. Our recording technology is built on the award-winning collaboration recording framework.

Capture all your Skype for Business communications

Collaboration recording for Avaya

Our Avaya recording solution powers contact centers of high profile customers around the world. Verint Verba is tightly integrated with Avaya’s Unified Communications platform, utilizing the Avaya Application Enablement server to deliver centralized recording even in multi-site environments.

Reliable recording from an official Avaya DevConnect Partner

Verint Verba is an Avaya DevConnect Partner Program member offering state-of-the-art recording solution for the Avaya Unified Communication platform. If your contact center uses Avaya solutions, Verint Verba is your safe recording choice.

Versatile recording portfolio for Avaya telephony

Verint Verba supports multiple recording technologies, such as central recording method utilizing RTP forking in Avaya environment, dial-in recording and passive recording for SIP phones/trunks. Verint Verba is integrated with your Avaya infrastructure through the Avaya Application Enablement Server. This leads to great and stable interaction and provides detailed and precise conversation record information.

Additionally, we offer enhanced recording capabilities for Avaya platforms, such as the ability to record encrypted media streams, secure connection with the Avaya AES servers, enhanced meta information in various complex conversation scenarios, load-balancing, failover, storing DNIS and more.

Leverage trusted recording technology for Avaya

Collaboration recording for Broadsoft

Add recording service to your product line

Verint Verba provides industry-leading recording technologies for service providers who use the BroadSoft platform. Service providers can increase their profitability by offering high-end IP conversation recording services to their customers at a competitive price with flexible billing options and low total cost of ownership. Verint Verba Service Provider Edition is ideal for VoIP service providers, shared customer contact centers and for larger enterprises as well.

Multi-tenant recording system for service providers

Verint Verba is built on a robust recording platform to offer multiple, full-featured conversation recording systems, or “Virtual Environment” (VE), on a single platform that are easy to manage and are independent with secure data access and separation.

BroadSoft Technology Partner

As a BroadSoft Technology Partner, Verint Verba ensures that service providers can obtain a fully compatible system with smooth integration. Verint Verba solutions for BroadSoft platforms are based on the unique multi-tenant features. We support both major BroadSoft PBX platforms: M6 and BroadWorks.

SIPREC recording

Verint Verba is SIPREC compatible and supports the BoradWorks collaboration platform to provide service provider customers with advanced recording capabilities. Via the Verint Verba integration with BroadWorks, our customers can record voice and video calls and voicemail, enrich conversation metadata, notify end users of the fact of recording and use enhanced multi-tenancy options with tenant/enterprise matching, among others.

Collaboration recording for Oracle Acme Packet

Oracle Acme Packet is one of the leading Session Border Controllers (SBCs) in the market today. Session Border Controllers ensure seamless connectivity between remote users (service subscribers) and the IP-PBX (IP Private Branch Exchange) of the telephony provider. All ‘external calls’ are established via SBCs to help firewall/NAT traversing.  These SBCs can work with multiple telephony platforms using SIP.

Verint Verba offers a proven, compliance-tested SIPREC implementation with Oracle Acme Packet’s SBC solutions delivering reliable voice and video recording for our clients. Our team has a permanent and constantly updated Acme Packet SBC in our test lab for continuous interoperability testing and maintenance of our code-base. Here are some of the features of our Acme Packet recording solution:

  • Record both voice and video calls
  • Redundant recording and recorder load-balancing for high availability
  • Centralized user/extension provisioning in Verint Verba, since the recorder decides which conversations should be recorded
  • Multi-tenancy with tenant/enterprise matching based on domains

Capture either voice or video with Oracle Acme Packet

Standard SIP based collaboration recording

Accurate conversation recording for SIP systems

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an industry standard IP telephony protocol for establishing and managing sessions with two or more participants. These sessions include regular voice telephone calls and other sessions. The fact that SIP is an open standard enables the use of commodity endpoints, trunk services, business to business connected IP phone systems and helps to avoid vendor lock-in.

Native SIP support from Verint Verba

More and more Unified Communications solution vendors are introducing SIP support into their solution. The telecom market is also converting their legacy, TDM based trunks lines to the latest SIP-based, pure IP based solutions. Verint Verba provides an enhanced, best-of-class conversation recording solution for standard SIP systems with several deployment and configuration options. Verint Verba supports standard SIP compliant solutions. With hundreds of successful deployments, our SIP engine is a robust standard-based recording solution supporting passive recording, dial-in recording and video recording methods for SIP-based systems. There is an ever-increasing list of Verint Verba compliant SIP vendors including Cisco, BroadSoft, Asterisk, NEC, Aastra and more.

Manage risk and compliance with Verint Verba

In order to maintain compliance with the numerous legal and internal requirements, Verint Verba presents the most complete collaboration compliance solution that can effectively regulate, capture, archive and manage your most critical conversations across leading unified communications environments including Cisco UC and Skype for Business. Scalable, reliable and absolutely secure, Verint Verba will help you better manage risk and liability, confidently meet strict compliance demands and drive significant improvements in quality assurance.

 Silent and full-time recording of your UC without any user interaction
 Complete and secure repository with conversation details and media
 Fine-grained access control that can enforce any internal security policies
 Storage integrations for efficient record-keeping and rapid e-discovery
 No-touch, automated data retention policies for future-proof media archiving
 Comprehensive audit trails of all activities in the recording system

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