Skype for Business Recording

Does your business use Microsoft Skype for Business for enterprise collaboration? Are you obliged to capture and monitor these interactions for compliance purposes? Verint provides a proven, certified solution to help your business ensure that Skype for Business (formerly Lync) communications are properly recorded and securely stored to meet recordkeeping, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Capture All Your Skype for Business Communications

Our enterprise-grade, easily scalable Skype for Business recording solution allows for capturing not just voice but instant messaging, persistent chat, video calling and conferencing, screen share and content share (such as file transfers, whiteboarding, polls and Q&A) across all your regulated users.

Verint provides robust recording capabilities for Skype for Business that support all communication modes and features available in the platform. Our compliance recording technology is underpinned by the highest level of Skype for Business interoperability certification provided by Microsoft.

Certified Skype for Business Compliance Technology

With Verint, you can easily add enterprise-grade recording capabilities to your communications and collaboration environment to capture all channels used in meetings and conferences, such as voice, IM, video, screen and application sharing, and content sharing.

Our versatile, network-side recording and collaboration compliance technology works with multiple call scenarios and endpoints including mobile. The system doesn’t require any additional client software installed on your client PCs or devices.

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Centralized Skype for Business Capture

Apply tamper-resistant, reliable compliance recording of your critical or regulated Skype for Business communications.

Record All Communication Modes

Capture voice, IM, persistent chat, video, screen activities, and a variety of content-sharing from Skype for Business.

Robust Data Retention and Centralized Data Management

Securely archive, retrieve, and control recorded interactions - and erase them when further retention is no longer required.

Enable Complete Call Recording Compliance

Automatically monitor the functionality and performance of the recorder estate and validate the quality of the recorded data.

Powerful Transcription and Analytics

Search, transcribe, categorize and analyze interactions from Skype for Business for rapid insights and trade reconstruction.

Improved Oversight and Efficiency

Automate compliance processes, streamline investigation, and use intuitive dashboards to stay ahead of the regulator.
Case Study

European Asset Management Firm Enables Collaboration Compliance With Verint

A European Asset Management Company records voice, IM, and video across 500+ Skype for Business endpoints to capture and securely store more than 25,000 interactions per month. Using Verint, their organization facilitated MiFID II compliance and adherence with local legislation while accelerating call record retrieval and reducing back-office/ IT workload.

Record Skype for Business for Collaboration Compliance

Centralized call recording from Verint offers a no-touch solution for communications capture for Microsoft UC, making it a perfect Skype for Business compliance solution for banks and investment firms with sophisticated compliance requirements.

Capturing of every facet of Skype for Business peer-to-peer calls, conference calls, video meetings, chat and content sharing are all supported on Lync and Skype for Business clients on all desktop and mobile platforms, and all compatible devices.


Fully certified, enterprise-ready compliance solution for your Skype for Business environment.


Centralized capture for internal, PSTN, conference, remote agent, mobile and federated call scenarios


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Integration with Microsoft Azure Cloud, Office 365 Cloud, Microsoft server platforms and third-party storage solutions


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to avoid service disruptions.

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