Screen Capture & Screen Share Recording

Amid today’s increased regulatory scrutiny and growing pressure to improve service quality, capturing all means of communications and being able to fully reconstruct the sequence of an interaction can involve desktop screen activities and screen-sharing via unified communications, collaboration, SIP endpoints, and contact center solutions. Using Verint, administrators, compliance officers and contact center supervisors can easily replay and monitor the content of their employees’ desktop screen to track adherence to policies and agent performance.

Leverage Automated Screen Capture And Screen Share Recording 

Verint allows businesses to gain improved insight into the full context of communications where a video conference or meeting participant used the screen sharing feature. Our platform offers the secure capture of application and screen-sharing sessions in Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco UCM and Symphony meetings. Screen-sharing is recorded in a standard video format and is fully synchronized with the corresponding audio originating from internal, external and conference call scenarios. This way, the recording platform enables your business to capture and preserve all audiovisual content during meetings and conferencing.

Additionally, our solution offers a lightweight screen capture module that is installed on your employees’ computer which automatically records the screen activity during an interaction without the need for human intervention. The desktop screen is captured in a video file format and automatically uploaded to the media repository server, where the files are merged with the audio counterparts thus providing a single, synchronized media file for playback along with rich metadata. 

Besides capturing the screen of any nominated user or team within your organization, Verint lets you prevent the recording of sensitive data to help your business comply with data protection policies and mitigate the risk associated with customer interactions. In particular, to help front-office operations comply with PCI-DSS standards, Verint delivers fully control over the screen capture process by pausing and resuming the recording procedure when a card holder’s PIN code is entered on the screen. With the aim to safeguard data privacy, Verint enables provides the means to manually or even automatically pause and resume the screen capture functionality when specific conditions are met.

Our screen capture solution allows administrators to decide which screen or window should be recorded, activate the capture of all desktop screens simultaneously or specify the preferred recording mode. This streamlined screen recording module is built upon a screen codec video encoding mechanism that offers the latest compression and optimization techniques to significantly reduce resource utilization.


Use a robust and reliable solution to capture, securely store and monitor screen activities originating from unified communications tools, collaboration endpoints, and contact center solutions by Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Oracle, and more.


Just as other recording system components, the screen capture modules are centrally configured and managed across all recorded endpoints to ease administration and maintenance for your staff.


Recorded desktop screen activities are easily searchable using filters and advanced search criteria, and are presented in an intuitive playback interface which provides access to the media stream and the related metadata to ease discovery and retrieval


Verint provides rich integrations for data export and import to help your team transfer records to third-party systems or migrate legacy media streams from external recorders and other data sources to your Verint recorder.


Leverage load balancing, high availability and assurance options ensuring that all conversations get into the recorded database and that the recording service is up and running to avoid breaches in compliance.


We provide your business with enhanced scalability to help you remain compliant as your business evolves. Select the deployment option that best suits your technical and compliance requirements while enabling cost-effectiveness.

Verint offers a comprehensive screen capture solution for widely used unified communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions. Our platform enables centralized, automated capture for any nominated user in your organization while supporting various recording scenarios.

Capturing Screen Activities to Enable Adherence and Improve Performance

Lightweight Technology

The screen recording module offers increased speed, lower resource consumption, and reduced storage utilization.

Enhanced Security

Use role-based access control, encrypted storage, full audit logs, and enhanced security features for data integrity.

Simple Configuration

The video codec provides lossless and lossy encoding options with the ability to configure the resolution, color depth, and quality.

Decide What to Capture

Record the primary screen only, all screens, the screen of the current in-focus window or the current in-focus window.

No-touch Sync & Upload

The screen capture video recordings are automatically uploaded and synchronized with the audio counterparts on the media repository server.

Robust Automation

Automatic recording mode starts and stops the screen capturing process without the need for human intervention.

Capture Desktop Screen From Multiple Platforms


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Supported Endpoints & Platforms


Unified Communications & Collaboration | Trading Turret Systems | Mobile Networks | Telephony & Collaboration Endpoints | Contact Center Platforms | Session Border Controllers

Captured Communication Modes


Landline & Mobile Voice | Instant Messaging & Chat | Mobile SMS | Video | Desktop Screen | Screen/App Sharing | File Transfer | Whiteboarding | Polls & Q&A


Capturing omnichannel communications


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