Records Retention & Archiving

The current wave of financial regulations has put a broader scope of trading activities—including transaction-related communications—under strict regulatory scrutiny and the pressure is on for recordkeeping, monitoring, supervision and evidencing. To be able to cope with the heightened requirements, it is crucial to retain and store recorded data in a consolidated and easily retrievable format in a durable medium. Verint’s compliance platform provides a sophisticated policy framework for data retention enriched by strong integration with a wide scope of third-party storage solutions.

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Keep Your Records In Safe Hands

Using Verint, your business can easily define and automate rules for data retention to meet internal standards and external regulatory obligations. These granular policies can be applied to users, groups and different data points to ease storage management and control the recorded data lifecycle in the system. Users have flexible options at their fingertips to manage the recorded media in the system by configuring retention rules based on various filter criteria, such as phone numbers, names, extensions, users, groups, date and time values, conversation duration and more.

Our automated data retention system offers compliance officers and IT administrators various policy actions providing comprehensive, easily configurable options to ease data retention efforts, reduce operating costs and minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Use Automated Data Archiving

Your business can consolidate and store massive volumes of communications data, such as voice records, instant messages, video, SMS, and file attachments. Either captured by your Verint recorder or ingested from an external data source, our platform gives you the right tools to retain and control data in a searchable repository, making them readily available and producing datasets in a timely manner. This way your team can become more confident in fulfilling compliance and internal audit requests within the prescribed timeframe – which is only 72 hours under specific regulations.

Using Verint, users can define rules that execute various storage management actions based on customizable filtering criteria. Through these actions, your business is empowered to specify your preferred storage location, erase conversations from the database, protect your data through encryption and digital signatures, or define the scope of automatic indexing for rapid search and e-discovery.

Records Retention & Archiving

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Secure Enterprise Archive

Store, control, and process recorded voice and eComms data securely and efficiently in a single, consolidated archive.

Benefit from an Integrated System

Unify your recordkeeping efforts by using a single platform while automating retention policies.

Robust Data Management

Export, import, validate or erase records when further retention is no longer legally required.

Enable Complete Call Recording Compliance

Automatically monitor the functionality of the recorder estate and validate the quality of the recorded data.

A Variety of Third-Party Integrations

Offering integration with a broad range of compliance storage and WORM archive solutions.

Improved Oversight and Efficiency

Automate compliance processes, use intuitive dashboards and robust compliance reporting for actionable intelligence.
Case Study

OFI Asset Management Fulfills Its Compliance Mandate with Verint

Learn how OFI meets record-keeping and monitoring requirements under the MiFID II regulation while streamlining their compliance processes and assurance procedures, at lower operating cost.

Seamless Recordkeeping

Our comprehensive records retention solution allows your team to move media files between storage targets, export selected data to create auditable datasets, verify media inventory and missing recordings, or modify the retention period based on your specific requirements, among other actions aimed at taking complexity out of your data management and recordkeeping efforts.

The system provides seamless integration with SAN, NAS and DAS storage solutions for a cost-effective, secure storage solution. Thanks to Verint’s wide set of third-party storage integrations—including WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage solutions and cloud archives—your organization can leverage its current technology investments and reduce operational and maintenance costs by integrating the archiving and backup functions into the existing infrastructure. This helps to ensure your data center infrastructure can evolve without any major impact on the recording solution.


Increased data security through powerful encryption, digital signatures, access control, audit logs and secure workflows.


Comprehensive data management framework offering data export, import, processing, and storage.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Automated policy enforcement, production of auditable datasets, and enhanced reporting.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to ensure seamless recording.

Use the Storage Target of Your Choice


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