Silent Monitoring

Track contact center performance on the go

Verint Verba provides seamless silent monitoring, agent view and whisper coaching as standard functions within our communication recording platform that will enhance the quality management capabilities of your organization. An essential feature for assessing and assisting agent performance, gauging customer satisfaction and designing more effective coaching, supervisors can easily activate the silent monitoring function directly from the web-based user interface or from any phone.

Interactions between an agent and a customer can be monitored without either party being aware of the fact. The system also boasts advanced architectures which have been specifically designed to provide ultra-low latency for real-time monitoring. By tracking agent performance in real time, your managers and supervisors can easily detect areas of improvement and identify best practices to enable continuous improvement across your contact center.

Meet your defined quality standards and industry regulations

Improve agent performance and the quality of customer care

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty

Identify training needs and best practices

Silent Monitoring

Silent Monitoring is one of the essential functions in a contact center environment providing the ability for supervisors or for other administrators to monitor customer care agents during customer interactions. This feature comes handy to create a positive customer experience by ensuring service quality levels across your organization. It’s a definite way to ensure that your employees handle conversations in the correct manner and continuously fine-tune training efforts.

Use the Silent Monitoring feature to monitor customer handling skills and efficiency, sales abilities and techniques, product and service knowledge, technical knowledge, intonation, escalation procedures and adherence to policies and rules. By tracking agent performance in real time, managers and supervisors can easily detect areas of improvement and identify best practices to enable continuous improvement across your contact center.

Assess performance and coach effectively

Use low-latency monitoring for real insights

The Silent Monitoring feature is available as a standard, built-in function of the Verint Verba platform, without any special devices, licenses or additional resources from the communication environment. The advanced monitoring architecture provides a robust solution with extremely low latency during the monitoring. Combined with other functionalities of Verint Verba Quality Management, the silent monitoring feature enhances service consistency and helps you create a process to effectively coach and guide new representatives.

Your users can activate the recording of silent monitored interactions at any time, share evaluations with your agents and best practices with the entire team, all within one platform. Being able to track conversations while they occur will empower your supervisors with advanced insights to help agents handle support conversations in a professional manner while following your internal policies.

Whisper Coaching

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager environments, Verint Verba supports a special silent monitoring variant called Whisper Coaching, which allows the coaching party not only to listen to an ongoing interaction but also to talk to the agent during an ongoing conversation, without the customer hearing the comments.  This allows organizations to implement silent monitoring and assistance into their toolset in a very cost-effective way.

Available from the ongoing conversation list of the Verint Verba interface, this special Cisco-specific feature enables managers to remotely verify and adjust customer communications within the sales organization or customer care teams. Apply Whisper Coaching to coach and train your agents, help them tackle complex issues or recommend a different course of action while they communicate with customers.

Guide your personnel remotely

Agent View

Keep your customer interactions under control

Complementing the silent monitoring capabilities of Verint Verba Quality Management, the Agent View feature allows contact center supervisors to monitor the agents’ real-time conversation status on a single dashboard, see individual agent desktop screen activity and start silent monitoring sessions directly from the Agent View. By clicking on any of the displayed agents, you can open a monitoring session, which shows a full-screen view of the agent’s desktop.

The grid view and the streamlined functionalities provide supervisors with enhanced user experience and ease the way they track real-time contact center performance for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

Enhance the quality of your customer care

Quality Management extends Verint Verba’s unified recording capabilities to provide full business insight into your service quality and performance, enabling quality standards to be met, training needs identified and fulfilled, and agent performance measured and improved through continuous feedback – all of which drive up customer satisfaction and nurture customer loyalty.

Organizations from all around the world seek to improve their business through increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance in their contact centers. Verint Verba Quality Management was designed with this vision in mind. Integrated with the Verint Verba platform, the comprehensive set of quality management features allow contact centers to develop quality assurance and boost their productivity.

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