Dashboards and Reporting

Gain a holistic view of performance and service quality

Enhancing Verint Verba’s comprehensive quality management feature-set, customizable dashboards and enterprise-level reporting provide contact center supervisors and managers with the power to track the effectiveness of their teams while identifying quality issues, performance trends, areas of improvement and skills tendencies.

Make fact-based decisions by filtering, analyzing, summarizing and displaying information via easily customizable templates. Armed with a holistic insight into service quality and performance, your business will have the ability to optimize operational efficiency, provide your teams with the feedback and development they need to maximize their performance.

Meet your defined quality standards and industry regulations

Improve agent performance and the quality of customer care

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty

Fine-tune your contact center operations


The Quality Management dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of agent performance and other metrics of the recording system to help identify anomalies before they turn into significant business issues. This feature allows companies to have a factual and timely window into performance and provides an entry point for digging deeper into root causes.

The dashboard is fully customizable and provides alerts, trend charts, drill-down, filtering and search functions. And if you can’t find a built-in display widget to fulfill your requirements, you can simply create your own by using the open widget API.

Use visualized metrics on agent performance

Personalized information at your fingertips

Users with proper authorization can access their dashboard, which can be personalized by adding new widgets, changing the layout structure and more. Users have access to and can configure Call Activity Widgets and Quality Management Widgets directly from the Verint Verba platform.

Whether you need an overview of overall performance metrics, top performing agents, skills performance trends, average conversation duration or the number of interactions handled by an individual agent or a whole group, the dashboard feature is your essential tool to monitor service quality and productivity through visualized data. Gain actionable insights and make fact-based business decisions streamline your contact center operations and better allocate your resources.

Performance Reporting

Create visually compelling, standard format and enterprise-level reports right at your fingerprints. The web-based and flexible reporting module enables managers, decision-makers and IT department members to gain a unique view into contact center operations by filtering, analyzing, summarizing and displaying information. The module uses a library of pre-built and customizable templates that users can access via an Open API or export in various different file formats.

The reports and exports can be run manually at any time or scheduled to run at specific times during the day, instantly delivering the information you need, whenever you need it. The easy-to-use user interface is accessible directly from the web application at any and from any location without the need of installing client applications, to increase productivity and reduce waiting time. The Quality Management reports deliver all the data your business needs regarding agent and group performance, skills performance, scorecard calibration, evaluator productivity and more.

Streamline operations with enterprise-level reporting


Personalized dashboards at your fingertips

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Visually compelling information widgets
  • 20+ built-in widget types (Call Activity, Quality Management)
  • Flexible date and time interval configuration with absolute and relative options
  • Detailed filtering on various fields
  • Chart and table display options
  • Configurable widget layouts
  • Open widget API for developing your own widget

Open and flexible performance reporting

  • Enterprise-grade reporting server
  • 30+ built-in report templates (Call Activity, Quality Management, System)
  • Ad-hoc, scheduled and periodic report creation options
  • Flexible date and time interval configuration
  • Detailed filtering options
  • Several output formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOCX, RTF, XML, etc.
  • Ability to save report templates for future use
  • Open API and tools for designing your own report templates

Enhance the quality of your customer care

Quality Management extends Verint Verba’s unified recording capabilities to provide full business insight into your service quality and performance, enabling quality standards to be met, training needs identified and fulfilled, and agent performance measured and improved through continuous feedback – all of which drive up customer satisfaction and nurture customer loyalty.

Organizations from all around the world seek to improve their business through increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance in their contact centers. Verint Verba Quality Management was designed with this vision in mind. Integrated with the Verint Verba platform, the comprehensive set of quality management features allow contact centers to develop quality assurance and boost their productivity.

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