Best Practice Sharing

Train your personnel through real-life examples

While voice, IM, video and screen recordings are valuable resources for performance monitoring, compliance assurance and dispute resolution, they can also be an incredible tool for targeted training, information handover, employee development and best practice sharing. Contact centers, shared service centers and sales departments can increase efficiency and service quality by leveraging the value stored in their recorded customer and client interactions.

Train your contact center agents and operators using real life best practice recordings. To do so, all your business needs is Verint Verba’s publishing and sharing functionality – our solution to help you search, identify and share best practice conversations among your teams.

Meet your defined quality standards and industry regulations

Improve agent performance and the quality of customer care

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty

Meet training needs and spread best practices

Sharing and publishing

With the sharing and publishing functionality, it’s easier than ever to share important recordings with other users or entire groups to drive the changes that you want for your business and your customers. By means of the easy-to-use web-based interface, even non-expert users will be able to securely access published content.

Besides, labeling functions and intelligent markers enable your users to effortlessly highlight sections of recorded conversations, and the ability to share this information easily with other users in the system. Your organization can significantly increase productivity by reducing the time spent on detecting and publishing relevant parts of recorded interactions for best practice training purposes.

An essential tool for employee training and development

The perfect way to help your agents excel

Best practice conversations will help your agents and operators improve their customer handling skills and sales techniques, optimize their product and service knowledge and familiarize themselves with escalation procedures and policies to perform at their best and deliver a unique customer experience.

Verint Verba is already deployed at contact centers of different size and of multiple sites all around the world. Our clients successfully use the publishing and sharing functionality to improve the customer experience, develop their employees and optimize business processes across their organizations.

Now is the time to empower your personnel with best practice sharing.

How to leverage best practice sharing


Help your sales representatives excel. Recording the conversations of your top performing salesforce on a voluntary basis and presenting them to your whole sales team is a way to appreciate good results and spread best practices.


Do you know if your new operators are mentioning the up-selling options to your customers? Do you know if the right subscription packages are offered to prospects? If you record, analyze and share your calls with your agents they can improve their skills at their desk, on their own without costly and formal training.


Contact center supervisors can use Verint Verba to select recorded best practice conversations and share them with comments with any group in the organization. A weekly training session can be automated for all agents and operators, where they can listen to best practice conversations and excerpts, and learn from comments from an expert.

Enhance the quality of your customer care

Quality Management extends Verint Verba’s unified recording capabilities to provide full business insight into your service quality and performance, enabling quality standards to be met, training needs identified and fulfilled, and agent performance measured and improved through continuous feedback – all of which drive up customer satisfaction and nurture customer loyalty.

Organizations from all around the world seek to improve their business through increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance in their contact centers. Verint Verba Quality Management was designed with this vision in mind. Integrated with the Verint Verba platform, the comprehensive set of quality management features allow contact centers to develop quality assurance and boost their productivity.

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