Agent Evaluation and Scoring

Your ultimate solution for agent assessment

In any contact center environment, the constant enhancement of employee performance is essential. Significant time and effort are needed to track productivity, detect areas of improvement, identify best practices and assess your agents and customer service teams based on multiple indicators. Verint Verba Quality Management provides customer care supervisors with the ability to evaluate their teams regularly to ensure they meet standards and perform at their best.

By using agent evaluation forms and scoring, managers can assess customer handling skills, sales abilities and techniques, product and service knowledge, technical knowledge, intonation, escalation procedures and adherence to policies and rules. Verint Verba Quality Management is a flexible solution that enables your users to design consistent evaluation forms and scorecards.

Meet your defined quality standards and industry regulations

Improve agent performance and the quality of customer care

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty

Identify training needs and best practices

Evaluation forms

Agent interaction assessment can be time-consuming, so the platform allows users to select interactions at random or by using a sample rate for an agent or group of agents. Your managers can create effective evaluation forms for assessing the skills of your agents by using drag and drop functionalities accessible through the web interface.

With a choice of closed questions, multiple choice questions, text or numerical based questions, and with weighting and skill assignment features to provide an additional layer of assessment, your users can effortlessly design and customize evaluation forms to suit your specific requirements.

Effortless agent assessment


Agile scoring functionalities

The Scorecard feature is an effective and easy-to-use method for managers to measure the performance levels of their contact center agents. Agent scoring happens in evaluation projects and can be conducted consistently, defined by a set of conversations and an evaluation form used by the supervisors for scoring.

The feature allows a flexible selection of interactions for evaluation and scoring with configurable access control. The completed assessments can be viewed by the agent through the web application or supervisors can share and discuss the scorecard with the agent through the built-in collaboration software.


With the aim to help to build consensus and deliver a standardized evaluation tool, Verint Verba offers a smart calibration functionality as a key to the success of all quality assurance programs. It is designed to ensure that quality assurance results are valid and based on reliable measurement tools. For a quality assurance program to be credible and produce accurate results, it is essential that all reviewers evaluate transactions on a consistent basis.

During the calibration process, all quality assurance reviewers discuss how to score various types of transactions. Every evaluator scores the same transactions for calibration purposes and then scoring differences are identified. The reviewers then discuss the reasons for the differences and reach consensus.

Calibrating evaluation processes


Easy-to-use agent evaluation forms and scorecards

  • Intuitive, web-based interface with drag & drop features
  • Entirely integrated into the Verint Verba platform
  • Multiple question types with appearance control (radio, listbox, etc.)
  • Weighting (sections, questions)
  • Skill assignment feature for questions for enhanced evaluation
  • Form auto fail options for each question
  • Default value settings
  • 30+ configurable form and conversation detail fields on the scorecard

Flexible selection of interactions for assessment

  • Project-based framework
  • Option for group/agent-based call selection
  • Mathematically and statistically correct random selection
  • Configurable access control for supervisors
  • Score classification settings
  • Interactions automatically presented for scoring for the supervisors in the project
  • Integrated media player with all features
  • Support for sharing scorecard information with agents
  • Supervisor calibration

Enhance the quality of your customer care

Quality Management extends Verint Verba’s unified recording capabilities to provide full business insight into your service quality and performance, enabling quality standards to be met, training needs identified and fulfilled, and agent performance measured and improved through continuous feedback – all of which drive up customer satisfaction and nurture customer loyalty.

Organizations from all around the world seek to improve their business through increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance in their contact centers. Verint Verba Quality Management was designed with this vision in mind. Integrated with the Verint Verba platform, the comprehensive set of quality management features allow contact centers to develop quality assurance and boost their productivity.

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