6 Reasons to Use Verint Verba for Quality Management

The excellence of your customer service helps you stay ahead of the game, but service quality depends on the excellence of your employees and the efficiency of your processes. With this aim in mind, Verint Verba designed a breakthrough quality management solution for Unified Communications and Collaboration—integrated into our award-winning platform.

Verint Verba provides the right tools to streamline all customer communications, meet quality and compliance standards and foster operational excellence—and most importantly, to improve the customer experience. Discover how Verint Verba Quality Management helps you change the game.


Enhanced expertise at every touchpoint

Our integrated Quality Management solution allows rapid evaluation and scoring of your contact center agents’ skills, practices and knowledge with easily customizable forms. By using conversation and screen capturing, your business can identify best practices, design effective trainings and optimize resource allocation to improve customer experience.


Build perfection with real insights, in real time

Continuous quality assurance is key to take your contact center performance and efficiency to the next level. Integrated with multiple contact center platforms, Verint Verba allows your supervisors to monitor agent performance on the go through powerful silent monitoring and agent view functionalities. Real-time insights will help your business ensure the highest level of customer care.


Capture everything, whatever the platform

We don’t stop at simple call recording. Whether it’s voice, video, IM or screen recording, we offer a complete contact center quality management solution to help you capture all these communication modalities through market-leading contact center environments. And by doing so, Verint Verba empowers you to boost customer care by using a single easy-to-use platform.


Uncover value from any conversation

Verint Verba offers rapid, scalable instant message search, phonetic search, speech transcription and automatic labeling to provide insights into massive amounts of unstructured data. Armed with agile search functionalities, our platform speeds up quality control, allows to detect emerging customer trends and helps to ensure regulatory compliance.


Keep calm and preserve what matters

We present the most reliable way to archive and manage your agents’ conversations. End-to-end data encryption, full audit logs, role-based access control, automated data retention and multiple compliance storage integrations allow your business to rest assured that your recordings are fully protected and securely stored at all times.


Enabling your operational excellence

Intuitive, customizable dashboards and enterprise-level reporting provide an instant view of contact center performance and other data that are essential to identify areas of improvement. Verint Verba offers access to multiple visualized metrics to give your decision-makers the power to streamline operations while helping your business excel.

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