Mobile Recording

While some firms have banned the use of mobile phones on the trading floor, more and more financial services organizations have taken a more inclusive approach to the ever-changing communications arena by regulating and monitoring the use of cell phones. Due to the emergence of a new wave of jurisdiction--such as MiFID II in the EU--companies are under pressure to look beyond managing by policy and extend their recording and surveillance efforts to trade-related mobile communications including those performed via public mobile networks or mobile messaging applications.

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Capture All Mobile Interactions

Provide traders and back-office employees with a compliant way to use mobile phones at work to boost productivity, workforce engagement and business results. Using Verint’s reliable mobile recording technology, your business can be more confident in meeting strict legal requirements to capture, store and monitor mobile communications to avoid breaches, spot market abuse and insider trading, and mitigate conduct risk.

Our solution allows you to reliably record interactions from cellular networks using SIP-based recording technology (SIPREC). Furthermore, our platform enables data capture from enterprise collaboration endpoints including Cisco Jabber and Skype for Business mobile clients.

Proven Mobile Recording Technology

Our mobile recording solution centrally captures all incoming and outgoing voice calls and SMS messages from the network side. Therefore, your users don’t need handset applications or other over-the-top services that can cause connection delays, call-quality degradation or generate compliance gaps by allowing your personnel to manage the recording procedure. In addition to the robust data archival and management capabilities within our platform, Verint has built-in speech transcription and refined search functionalities to analyze your mobile interactions and accurately reconstruct trade-related negotiations.

By doing so, your organization can more confidently comply with rules and policies for records retention, data governance and communications surveillance.

Mobile Recording

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Centralized Mobile Recording

Add tamper-resistant, reliable, enterprise-ready compliance recording to your mobile environment

Record All Mobile Interactions

Capture call flow from the telecom network or via mobile collaboration apps - spanning all conversations resulting in or intended to result in transactions.

Robust Data Retention and Data Management

Securely archive, retrieve, and control recorded interactions - and erase them when further retention is no longer required.

Enable Complete Call Recording Compliance

Automatically monitor the functionality and performance of the recorder estate and validate the quality of the recorded data.

Powerful Transcription and Analytics

Use an intuitive control center to search, transcribe, categorize and analyze interactions for rapid insights and trade reconstruction.

Improved Oversight and Efficiency

Automate compliance processes, streamline investigation, and use intuitive dashboards for greater agility.
Case Study

Saudi Arabian Bank Reduces Costs and Strengthens Compliance with Verint

A Saudi Bank records over 7,300 voice and chat interactions per day from Cisco UC and trader voice systems. Using Verint, their organization facilitated compliance with Saudi Arabian anti-money laundering laws while reducing hardware footprint, maintenance efforts, and operating costs.

Securely Capture Mobile Voice and SMS

Our technology integration with leading mobile operators and network providers allow businesses to bring their mobile call recordings into their internal IT infrastructure in case their internal policies or industry standards dictate such requirements.

Some of our integrations even allow users to block calls that cannot be recorded by any of your Verint recorders for any reason. Mobile recording streams can be duplicated and sent to multiple recorders in different data centers, which is essential in case of high availability requirements. If one recorder fails, the other one will continue to record the conversation – avoiding the risk of service disruptions and non-recorded interactions.


Increased data security through powerful encryption, digital signatures, access control and authorization workflows.


Operator-based recording, dial-in conference recording or network-side collaboration endpoint recording scenarios are all supported by the platform.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Leverage unified search, smooth playback, and contextual view of mobile voice streams and SMS logs.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to ensure seamless recording.

Capture Mobile Networks and Mobile Apps

Centrally record inbound and outbound voice and SMS from your employees’ mobile devices through the public mobile network. By integrating with global cellular networks and enterprise collaboration clients, Verint allows your team to use cell phones for day-to-day operations and enhance productivity.


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