Legal Hold Management

Preserving relevant information is a key process for any organization involved in litigation or regulatory action. Verint Financial Compliance features advanced Legal Hold to help comply with legal obligations. Reliable and proven policy enforcement adds an additional level of protection to prevent unintended data deletion and empower your teams to preserve your recorded communications beyond the standard retention period.

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Comply Legal Hold Obligations With Ease

A “legal hold” directive requires the preservation of all relevant evidence – including voice records and electronically stored information – for use in an anticipated litigation, audit or government investigation. However, as businesses increasingly store data in electronic formats, it’s becoming even more important to be able to manage, preserve, classify, and search electronically stored information.

Verint offers a reliable and cost-efficient solution for compliance teams to discover, analyze and apply legal hold on large amounts of recorded data, without the need for technical assistance. Any conversation tagged as “Legal Hold” will be preserved, and it assists in processing large quantities of information at short notice.

Uncompromising Integrity

Litigation Hold is built around the simple concept of labels that can be used to categorize recordings according to any criteria, by anyone in the organization. Your compliance team can create any case-specific label and collaboratively label conversations using search, mass labeling and speech analytics. Legal Hold can be enabled for labels with only a few clicks in the user-friendly Verint web interface, where optional descriptions can also be added in the Legal Hold Reference text field.

When Legal Hold is enabled for a label, the conversations the label is applied to will be removed from standard data retention processing and therefore cannot be deleted by any user or automated data retention policy. In addition, labels with legal hold enabled cannot be removed from conversations and cannot be deleted.

Legal Hold

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Secure Enterprise Archive

Store, control, and process recorded voice and eComms data securely and efficiently in a single, consolidated archive.

Benefit from an Integrated System

Unify your recordkeeping efforts by using a single platform while automating retention policies.

Robust Data Management

Export, import, validate or erase records when further retention is no longer legally required.

Enable Complete Call Recording Compliance

Automatically monitor the functionality of the recorder estate and validate the quality of the recorded data.

A Variety of Third-Party Integrations

Offering integration with a broad range of compliance storage and WORM archive solutions.

Improved Oversight and Efficiency

Automate compliance processes, use intuitive dashboards and robust compliance reporting for actionable intelligence.

Apply Rule-based Automation

For security reasons, the label system is integrated with our access control framework, therefore the visibility of labels and labeled conversations is configurable solely by the owner of the label. Users can add further material to legal hold manually or automatically, and export all conversations on demand. Legal hold can be only deactivated or released by at least two users with high-level legal hold permissions (administrators or supervisors). One of them has to initiate the release of legal hold and the other has to approve it.

In order to manage labels, you need special access rights. When a user creates a label in the system, the user can set up its access control, that is to specify who can manage the label and who can see the labeled conversations. Labels can be added manually on one specific recording or on all listed recordings, and even automatically by using sophisticated labeling and categorization rules.

Designed for Enterprise Requirements

Our advanced capabilities help you ensure all relevant recordings are preserved. Apply smart labeling rules to prevent any user from tampering with or delete data without court authorization.


Increased data security through powerful encryption, digital signatures, access control, audit logs and secure workflows.


Comprehensive data management framework offering data export, import, processing, and storage.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Automated policy enforcement, production of auditable datasets, and enhanced reporting.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to ensure seamless recording.

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