Ethical Wall

Verint’s award-winning Ethical Wall solution enables you to proactively control and restrict communications, presence information and instant message content between users of leading unified communications (UC) platforms—including Cisco and Microsoft collaboration solutions. Your compliance and IT teams can easily establish ethical walls or virtual communication boundaries that enforce policy rules across your communication environment.

Think Beyond After-The-Fact Compliance

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Take a proactive approach to compliance instead of reacting after-the-fact once an issue occurs. Controlling information exchange and content sharing via multiple channels can be vital to mitigate conduct risk and prevent conflicts of interest, unwanted disclosures, and unethical activities.  Our proactive, protective technology works to help avoid regulatory scrutiny and harm to your brand reputation.

Fine-grained, automated policy enforcement functionality can notify you of potential violations and empower your team to deliver adherence to internal policies and industry regulations, reducing the risk related to the usage of UC by your workforce.

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Prevent Issues Before They Occur

Session Blocking

Designed to help you maintain compliance, eliminate conflicts of interest, or support workplace procedures, the session blocking feature helps you to separate entities and limit interaction between certain individuals or groups across the organization while controlling which users, groups or networks are accessible to certain external parties.

Verint makes it easy to define granular policy rules to create ethical walls vertically up and down the hierarchy structure or horizontally between groups and individual employees. With the ability to place one or two-way boundaries specifying who can talk to whom, and control which communication modes can be used, session blocking enables you to meet compliance requirements and protect the integrity of your sensitive data. The solution also includes a session chaperone feature allowing users to set real-time permissions that can override communication policies in place.

  • Proactively control who can talk to who in your organization
  • Apply policy control based on specific communication modes
  • Exercise granular control of access levels for external (federated) parties
Ethical Wall

The Future of Compliance Is Proactive

Control All Communication Modes

Ethical Wall enables you to block and control voice, file transfer, chat, video, screen sharing or even presence information.

Rule-Based Policy Enforcement

Apply granular policies through robust policy enforcement that define permitted operations and content between communicating parties.

Be Proactive, Remain Compliant

Separate groups or individuals from interacting with each other for ethical, compliance or privacy reasons.

Protective Technology, Made Simple

Lightning-fast rule processing engine automates the implementation of policies while the web interface allows for streamlined configuration.

Enhanced Security and Transparency

Full Ethical Wall audit log helps you stay on top of rules enforcement events, trends, and related users.

Unified Capabilities

Integrating session policies, content filtering, presence blocking and disclaimers in a single platform.

Screen Instant Messages Proactively

Content Filtering

The Ethical Wall solution also provides protective technology to safeguard your proprietary or sensitive information and shield users from exposure to profanity or inappropriate language.

The content filtering feature prevents information leakage from within the organization by automatically blocking or redacting sensitive data, such as payment information or personally identifying information (PII), from chat conversations. Additionally, it can scan and block file transfers in real time for data loss prevention (DLP) purposes. The system also monitors the language used in communications – blocking, masking or reporting pre-defined content – depending on your company policy rules. Unidirectional or bidirectional policies can be configured easily down to an organizational, group or user level.


  • Protect personal data to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations
  • Scan and block file transfers for data loss prevention
  • Automatically block or redact messages when necessary

Protect The Privacy of Your Users

Presence Blocking

Verint offers secure presence blocking functionality to help you protect key personnel—such as your C-level executives—from receiving unsolicited communications. It hides their online status from specified groups or individuals from inside and outside the organization, while still allowing them to initiate a conversation with others.

Presence blocking enables your organization to decide how connected you want to be in a way that suits your business needs. It provides the right tools to temporarily or permanently block presence information or visibility in the central directory. It can do this for both from internal and external users, block an external user from starting an IM conversation while still allowing an internal user to initiate communications, or choose which communication modes and features are permitted.

  • Control the visibility, and protect the privacy of your users
  • Define one or two-way directional rules
  • Control which external (federated) partners can see your status
Control sessions and modalities easily between regulated users, groups or departments

Notify Participants About Policy Rules

IM Disclaimers

As organizations recognize the importance of exercising more control over corporate communication, legal disclaimers are used to advise users of company policies and restrictions. Whether your organization needs to notify participants about the fact that records are being archived, inform parties about policy rules, limit liability, or avoid breaches of confidentiality, the Ethical Wall solution helps you create, manage and attach disclaimer notifications to interactions via instant messaging and chat. Users can quickly and easily apply disclaimers via easy-to-use templates available in the web application.


  • Ensure that proper disclaimers are communicated to external contacts
  • Inform parties of confidentiality, liability limitations and more
  • Disclose instant message monitoring and archiving within your company


Secure policy enforcement through access control and comprehensive audit logs in the system.


Define which communication modes you need to regulate and between which parties.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Based on rule-based automation that instantly activates the policy without human intervention.


Allows you to prevent issues from happening instead of dealing with corrective measures.

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