Encryption & Data Security

Verint provides a sophisticated framework of features to help your business protect archived data entering the system, prevent records from being tampered with or altered in any form, and avoid data breaches or misuse of sensitive information. Both your captured voice and electronic communications records and the related metadata can be digitally signed and encrypted at rest and in transit to ensure full data integrity while empowering your administrators with robust access control and authorization functionalities.

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Safeguard Data Integrity

Engineered for security, Verint’s solutions incorporate fine-grained mechanisms to help you ensure that your data remains in safe hands, effectively mitigate risk associated with the processing and storage of large volumes of legacy datasets and facilitate compliance with data protection laws and internal policies. No matter the type or volume of data you need to capture and archive, our platform helps you become confident in managing your data governance and data protection efforts.

Verint offers a comprehensive suite of data security features, including encryption, digital signatures, role-based access control, approval workflows, audit trails and complete change log history, and more.

Keep Your Data Tamper-Proof

Encryption & Digital Signatures

In particular, digital signatures and end-to-end file and media encryption make our solution tamper-resistant and allows you to reduce the potential of data breach costs and other forms of non-compliance. By providing public key cryptography-based encryption and digital signature technology, it helps your firm store captured data in a secure and encrypted format – rendering the data useless to hackers or unauthorized parties in the event of a breach.

Our platform supports industry standard encryption technologies such as RSA, AES, SHA, while integrating with Windows Certificate Store for key management. Every single channel a record goes through is encrypted including media files and metadata. In addition, the playback interface can validate the digital signature of the recording before playback. What’s more, our solution enables users to migrate data to external locations in a non-encrypted format.

Data Security & Integrity Protection

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Keep Your Data Encrypted

Store and process recorded voice and eComms data in an encrypted format rendering it unusable for unauthorized parties.

Management By Policy

Users can easily activate security measures by configuring the corresponding data management policies.

Supporting All Captured Data

Apply policies for all data including voice stream, video, IM transcript, attachment, and metadata XML files.

Meet Data Protection Policies

Use algorithm-driven digital signage and integrity verification of your archived data.

Role-based Access Control

Define who gains access to what—and what actions they may take to prevent unwanted alteration or erasure.

Improved Oversight and Evidencing

Benefit from activity logging, change history and disposal logs providing a database of all activities in the system.

Enable Secure Access to Your Data

Role-Based Access Control

With the aim to enable controlled access to your recorded data, Verint’s solutions include a highly customizable role-based access control system. This helps you define who gains access to what—and what actions they may take. Take full control over what actions are available and for whom in the system by assigning even multiple roles to each user—even automatically, by leveraging the benefits of Active Directory synchronization. Each role consists of a broad range of administrative and end-user rights to support your specific requirements.

Our multi-level, role-based access control policy framework helps you streamline configuration across users, groups, roles and permissions. Administrators can use a smart configuration interface to create user roles, each containing a specific set of rights that define which features of the platform are available for them. Available user rights span data export, retention, validation, user administration, maintenance, security, and more. Using roles and groups, you can pinpoint exactly what functions are available to a user, and also which subset of the communication records can be seen by a user or a group of users.

Enhanced Transparency

Audit Logs

Our platform is fully auditable and provides the right tools to support compliance evidencing. Change log history, disposal logs and full audit trails also assist in detecting security violations and any application flaws. Verint presents extensive activity logging, providing a database of all activities in the recording system – from configuration to playback.

Administrators can easily configure the type and level of audit logging in order to verify and audit who has accessed any recording in the system for playback, export or other critical functions. Moreover, disposal logs help your team validate data erasure and make sure your firm doesn’t store any information over the legally prescribed retention period.


Increased data security through powerful encryption, digital signatures, access control, audit logs and secure workflows.


Comprehensive data management framework offering data export, import, processing, and storage.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Automated policy enforcement, production of auditable datasets, and enhanced reporting.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to ensure seamless recording.

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