Voice Monitor and Quality Check

Ensure the quality of your conversation recordings

Build your compliance on sound foundations. Verint Verba has incorporated cutting-edge voice quality assurance capabilities into our award-winning compliance recording and quality management platform to give organizations of any size and complexity a low-cost solution for conducting efficient quality checks of their recorded audio and video conversations.

Integrated to provide an additional assurance layer extending the compliance capabilities across industries, the Voice Quality Check feature enables businesses to automatically verify audio on all conversations and detect quality issues on the go. By using the feature, you can easily check the quality of your voice recordings and identify noise, garbled voice and other artifacts.

Detect network and service irregularities
Improve the quality of your customer care
Improve recording analyst efficiency

Voice quality check

Spot quality issues and discrepancies instantly

The built-in recording assurance tool helps to ensure high-quality recordings by sending notifications, spot network bottlenecks, server issues and processing anomalies, and enable recording analysts to work more efficiently by verifying all your recordings in real time.

Automated scoring

The Voice Quality Check policy determines a total score based on a wide set of characteristics. These criteria include recording statistics (RTP loss, SRTP decryption errors, decoding errors, media mixing errors, etc.) and media features (volume, silence, noise, beeps and clicks, sharp amplitude changes, unnatural silence, waveform envelope variance, etc.) to reflect the overall quality level of the recording effectively.

Build bullet-proof recording quality through automated checks

 Ensures high-quality conversation recordings
 Allows recording analysts to work more efficiently
 Helps to optimize contact center agent performance
 Verifies voice and video recordings automatically and alerts users
 Detects noise, garbled voice, silence, cross-talk and other issues
 Available immediately after recording or as a standalone storage policy
 Implies +15% CPU load on the recording servers
 Provides quality score for each call based on multiple criteria

Quick to detect abnormal pauses in conversations and periods when parties are speaking at the same time, the Voice Quality Check feature from Verint Verba helps you identify potential workflow issues to optimize the performance of your contact center agents and improve the service they provide to your customers.

Recognizing those agents that frequently pause or talk-over customers enables you to provide them with additional training and support to improve their performance and productivity and enable them to solve customer issues more swiftly and efficiently.

Gain a level of voice quality assurance you can’t get elsewhere

Voice quality assurance, made simple

The Voice Quality Check policy is accessible from the easy-to-use Verint Verba web interface, without the need to install any client applications, while reducing agent training and administration efforts to the minimum. The feature is available as part of the upload policy and as a stand-alone policy at the same time. Running the quality check implies an extra ~15% load on the recording servers. Compatible with leading Unified Communications environments, Verint Verba eases the way to ensure that recorded conversations meet your quality standards.

Extending Verint Verba’s voice quality assurance capabilities, Verint Verba allows businesses from contact centers to financial institutions to directly search for phrases in audio and video conversations and extract valuable information from recordings by using integrated speech analytics features, including agile phonetic search and speech transcription.

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