Speech Transcription and Analytics

Uncover actionable insights from your conversations at lightning speed

For far-reaching insight into people’s attitudes and motivations – look no further than your customer interactions. These undoubtedly represent the largest non-monetized data asset of your business and supply the vital insights that can help boost first contact resolution rates, increase sales, transform customer service, and ensure enterprise compliance. Mine the huge quantities of unstructured data buried deep within the recordings of your customer interactions to reveal the valuable and strategic business intelligence they contain.

Make sense of your recordings. Either your business wants to detect emerging trends or run a compliance investigation, being able to capture business intelligence from a vast amount of recorded interactions with speed gives your business unmatched strategic advantage while saving time and resources. Using Phonetic Speech Search and next-generation Speech Transcription at the same time provides your business with the best of both worlds. Unlocks this powerful but affordable technology for improved insights.

Phonetic Speech Search

Going beyond its superior unified recording capabilities, Verint Verba incorporates the transformational technology to access and review the content of your live and historical audio and video recordings through phonetic indexing, rapidly and effectively. Find out why your customers are calling and what impacts your relationship with them; discover which conversations and products yield the most success, and determine the key behaviors of your agents to help them maximize their full sales potential. Verint Verba provides the information you need to feel the pulse of your customers.

Verint Verba has incorporated cutting-edge phonetic speech recognition, indexing and search capabilities into the Verint Verba platform supporting both British and American English variants. This allows to provide organizations of any size and complexity with a cost-effective solution for conducting fast retrieval and in-depth analysis of their recorded conversations.

Retrieve the data you need, when you need it

Spot essential business information with speed

Speed up compliance investigations and electronic discovery

Improve contact center quality assurance

Reduce compliance and forensics costs while avoiding costly fines

Regardless of whether it’s voice or video that’s captured, quick and easy tools allow users to search recordings using advanced call query and any meta-data information; and since the same sophisticated playback controls are used for each different type of recording, the process of retrieval is impressively quick and simple. Phonetic indexing technology automatically recognizes person-, product- and company names with high accuracy, to enable analysts and supervisors to focus on the right conversations, without wasting time with listening to those irrelevant from a quality assurance or compliance perspective.

Ad-hoc audio and video searches can be conducted at speeds of up to 100,000 times faster than real-time playback of the recordings, so it takes less than a second to search for most common words and phrases. Multiple keywords and phrases can be searched using Boolean rules, and for the fastest analysis, Verint Verba offers auto suggestions based on earlier searches, to help facilitate new searches.

Gain more speed, accuracy and efficiency

Know your customer

The building blocks of Verint Verba’s advanced analytics portfolio allow your business to uncover vital customer information buried in the recordings of your customer communications. There are endless scenarios where your business can use phonetic search and speech transcription for actionable insights.

Agent evaluations

  • Proper greetings – find out if your agents are properly greeting customers
  • Compliance message – verify that your agents are following legal compliance rules
  • Inappropriate phrases – spot rude, inappropriate language
  • Agent insecurities – certain phrases point to situations where the agent needs help

Voice of your customer

  • Customer and product satisfaction – search phrases that indicate customer satisfaction
  • Campaign responses – find references to ongoing campaigns
  • Competitors’ names – listen to mentions of your competitors
  • Lower churn – focus on calls where customers ask for reimbursements and show dissatisfaction

Sales performance

  • Up-sell and cross-sell – find opportunities by searching for customer needs
  • Emerging trends – build your sales plan around ideas your customers are talking about
  • Identify buying signals – train your agents to seize sales opportunities
  • Sales delivery – evaluate how your sales team pitch customers

Speech Transcription

Supporting multiple languages, the Speech Transcription feature complements and enhances the existing speech search capabilities within the Verint Verba platform. Speech Transcription takes your audio or video recordings and provides a full transcript in a second. The platform uses an innovative deep learning approach, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency across multiple languages to help your analysts and supervisors improve the way they work.

Fully integrated with the Verint Verba platform, the feature recognizes speaker changes and punctuation, shows context, enables text analytics and provides word confidence scores with timings. Search-hit highlights and an intuitive Transcription Player with synchronized playback highlight and click-to-position functionalities make the search and retrieval process smart and effortless to help your users find the information they need at lightning speed.

Turn your audio into text in multiple languages

Frictionless search powered by machine learning

The rapid transcription module is based on Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition technology that allows further extension and update of its corpus. By doing so, your business can reap the benefits of machine learning and teach the transcription engine to recognize names with increasing accuracy. Accelerated speech recognition, search and analysis will speed up compliance, electronic discovery and quality assurance tasks and identify key information in your recorded conversations in an efficient way.

The cutting-edge search and analysis capabilities of the Verint Verba platform provide organizations of any size and complexity with an affordable solution for conducting fast retrieval of transcriptions and in-depth analysis of their recorded audio and video conversations.

Full text search

By using phonetic search and speech transcription, you can convert data from audio and video recordings into measurable business intelligence to help you make fact-based decisions. Our multi-tenant support ensures that large environments with different organizations can have their own selective indexing, authorization, access control policies, auto-search phrases and auto-suggestions independently of each other.

Ad-hoc search can be executed at speeds of 100.000x real-time. The solution recommends the most used search phrases for quick analysis. Rules can be defined where results should include all, any or none of the given phrases. Multiple supervisors and compliance experts can work together to define search criteria and let Verint Verba search those phrases in each new conversation and send notifications of phrases of interest immediately.

Engineered for maximum scalability and flexibility

Refine search based on your requirements

Users can apply high-performance, ad-hoc phrase search on all the recordings. Advanced logic allows phrase filtering to ‘include all’, ‘any’ or ‘none’ of the phrases, confidence filtering and participant filtering. Based on context and transcript, the analysts can quickly redefine scope and iterate until all relevant materials are found.

The module is designed for smooth collaboration among multiple supervisors and compliance experts who can work and define together the search criteria. Furthermore, the solution brings you the ability to deal with issues immediately to reduce any negative impact that might jeopardize the reputation of your brand. The Verint Verba platform can alert supervisors in real-time during conversations when specific keywords or phrases are used so that any issues on a call are highlighted immediately and dealt with before they escalate.

Foster advanced analytics for proven results

High performance

The solution utilizes multi-core support, where all processing power in your server works to achieve fast response times. Using multiple Verint Verba Speech Analytics servers can search in large amounts of calls and the system will intelligently share the processing load among your servers. An intelligent caching technology ensures extreme fast results for most common phrases.

Secure access control

Administrators have complete control over the speech analytics functionality. You can configure policies with selective indexing that defines which subset of your conversations are available in search. Access control policies can be defined and the right to search is authorized on a per user basis.

Cross-platform compatibility

Verint Verba is cross-platform compatible with leading UC vendors, including Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, BroadSoft and others, making it easy for businesses with multiple recording platforms in different locations, and of different ages and brands to analyze their customer conversations to reveal the critical, strategic business intelligence they may contain.


While maintaining a high-quality search experience you can compress voice recordings and save up to 80% of your disk capacity. You can also lower your TCO by virtualizing your entire speech search solution with VMware or Hyper-V.

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