Recording Multiple Communication Modes

Capture everything, whatever the channel

Record not only voice calls, but all communication sources including IM, video, desktop screens, application and screen sharing, whiteboarding, polls and file transfer. This ever-increasing list ensures your ability to capture your corporate communications and customer interactions with a single unified platform. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-site enterprise, Verint Verba offers a reliable recording system that is packed with flexible, innovative tools to define and manage your current and future recording needs while adding significant value and functionality to your existing UC deployment.

Regardless of the channel or the device, Verint Verba provides everything your business needs to meet compliance and quality management objectives. Companies can leverage our recording solution in key business applications such as legal compliance management, quality assurance, risk mitigation, verbal agreement archiving, conference recording, dispute resolution, interview recording, threat handling and more. Deployed at leading financial institutions, security companies and contact centers, the solution is cross-platform compatible with leading UC vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Broadsoft and more.


Capture any modality including voice, video, IM, desktop screens, screen and application sharing, whiteboarding, file transfer, polls and Q&A, for a truly unified recording experience.


Verint Verba integrates seamlessly into your current communications environment to deliver additional functionality and significant value to your existing UC investment.


Featuring always-on, selective and on-demand recording modes and supporting multiple methods, such as dial-in recording, passive or proxy-based recording.


Designed for VoIP service providers, the Verint Verba platform offers multiple virtual environments on a single platform that are fully secured, with independent configuration.


Verint Verba provides redundancy options for various modalities ensuring that all conversations get into the recorded database to avoid costly disruptions and ensure high availability of your recordings.


Built on a robust recording platform, Verint Verba provides centralized or multi-site recording. Share your recording resources easily and securely among multiple sites to maximize cost-effectiveness.

Voice recording

Verint Verba offers the most complete enterprise-level conversation and collaboration recording solution on the market. Built on our award-winning recording system, our solution provides enterprise-wide voice recording for any nominated user in your organization, including a variety of recording modes, methods and supporting various conversation scenarios.

Verint Verba can monitor conversations unobtrusively, so that there’s no interference with call performance and absolutely no impact on the caller experience. Our system also provides a range of recording methods and architectures to ensure that all organizations can benefit from UC recording regardless of complexity or topology.

Recording modes can be always-on, selective, or on-demand, making it easy for organizations to define and manage all their business recording needs. In addition, users have the flexibility to trigger on-demand recordings and to buffer the complete call, so that they can save or record entire calls – even if they hit record at any time during or after the call.

Choose the recording method that best serves your purpose

Infinite recording technologies

Covers all conversation scenarios – internal, PSTN, mobile, conference, federated
IM and Voice Recording – through compliance APIs, supporting mobile and desktop
Passive SIP and Skinny Recording – using SPAN ports
Network-based Recording – RTP-forking from Cisco phones with built-in-bridge support
Gateway-forking – collects conversations from gateways
Dial-In Recording – users can call into a recorder line for dictation or ad-hoc conference recording
Proxy-based Recording – relays your conversations through the Verint Verba proxy-server
Dual-stream Recording – available with proxy-based recording to ensure high availability

Instant Message recording

IM interactions play a valuable role in the day-to-day communications of many organizations. While these interactions add value to an organization’s ability to offer quality service, they are also strictly regulated. Archiving even instant messages is the only reliable way to adhere to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, among others. With Verint Verba, companies can confidently meet strict compliance demands by archiving IM interactions in a searchable repository.

Verint Verba provides an integrated solution to instant messaging and persistent IM chat on a single recording platform, completing our collaboration recording portfolio. Verint Verba currently supports the following IM technologies:

  • Cisco Jabber – in our Cisco solution, the Cisco Presence Server connects to the Verint Verba Recording System, which plays the role of a Compliance Server in this scenario.
  • Skype for Business – the Verint Verba filter for Skype for Business used in our voice and video recording solution also records instant message signaling and stores it in the same database where other recorded sessions are stored.

Our solution provides a unified search experience, where IM conversations are presented in the same view as your voice and video calls. IM sessions are presented in the Verint Verba Conversation Viewer, which shows the entire conversation. The solution stores the entire clear text / rich text or HTML formatted conversation for complete session recall. It provides lightning fast full-text search capabilities for instant messages.

Powering your complete IM compliance

Paramount features for text-based interactions

Unified search – a single search experience for voice, video and IM conversations
Full-text search – search in millions of text-based conversations
Selective recording – you decide whose IM sessions should be recorded
IM content filtering – it is possible to filter and redact the content of ongoing IM sessions
Per user IM recording – recording of all chat conversations from the view point of all participants
Compliance message – a message can be inserted at the beginning of all chat flows
Mixed scenarios – e.g. when chat conversations are escalated into voice, screen capture and more
Resiliency – recording sessions seamlessly continue after network downtime
Compliance stop – chat conversations can be prevented if the recording is not operational
Multiple recorders – multiple IM recorders can be connected to one Verint Verba instance
End-to-end encryption – sessions transferred between recorders and repository are encrypted
Persistent chat recording – record chats, search for content and track conversations via alerts

Desktop Screen recording

Contact center supervisors and managers are now able to monitor and evaluate agent performance by recording the content of the agent’s desktop screen during customer interactions. The lightweight screen capture agent module (Verint Verba Desktop Recorder) is installed on the agent computer and it automatically records the screen activity during the agent’s calls. The recorded screen capture video files are automatically uploaded to the Verint Verba Media Repository server, where the files are merged with the audio counterparts, providing a single, synchronized media file for playback.

The upload process is configurable and it supports scheduling. As all other system components, these screen capture modules are also configured and managed centrally. Administrators can simply apply common settings for all agent computers with a click of a button, through a configuration profile on the web based management interface.

Capturing live desktop screens for actionable insights

Video recording

Record your video conferences effortlessly

Verint Verba provides industry-leading recording technologies for video and telepresence solutions in today’s unified communications world, where video-based interactions are getting more and more widespread. Organizations introducing video or telepresence based communication channels can leverage the benefits of our unified recording system. Verint Verba introduces a completely new approach and allows organizations to introduce video call and video conference recording in the very same way as with traditional voice recording.

  • Automatic and full recording – Verint Verba video and telepresence recording features are entirely built on the top of the core voice call recording system, allowing automatic, full and always on recording scenarios without the need to manually trigger the recording from the endpoint.
  • Compliance recording – In order to help you meet strict compliance policies and industry standards, Verint Verba provides special features such as role-based access control, encrypted storage, full audit trails, enhanced security features and multiple video recording mechanisms.
  • Beyond video and telepresence – Verint Verba provides a completely unified approach for voice, video and telepresence. Companies now can deploy a single call recording solution independently of the type of media being recorded.
  • Unique recording technology – Verint Verba offers an effective recording approach for video calls and conferences without consuming relevant MCU and network bandwidth resources. In addition, the system provides a conference-based approach for an added user convenience.
  • Reliability and scalability – Verint Verba is a proven solution in industries where reliability and scalability are mandatory requirements. Our technology offers high-availability, redundancy, load balancing and multi-site capabilities to support large scale or mission-critical environments.

Screen, Application and Content Share recording

Verint Verba offers a unique recording solution for screen sharing sessions and meetings in Lync/Skype for Business. Screen and Application Sharing is recorded as video and it is fully synchronized with the corresponding audio during the conversation, supporting all internal, external and conference call scenarios. It allows recording of RDP and VBSS streams on the network.

Besides screen information, you can use Verint Verba to capture content sharing by gathering Whiteboard, Polls and Q&A data from Lync/Skype for Business archives, providing you with a repository of all information related to a meeting. Our recording technology also enables the recording of internal and federated peer-to-peer File Transfers allowing your business the ability to capture and retrieve files transferred over P2P chat conversations.

Record your entire Skype for Business meeting

Manage risk and compliance with Verint Verba

In order to maintain compliance with the numerous legal and internal requirements, Verint Verba presents the most complete collaboration compliance solution that can effectively regulate, capture, archive and manage your most critical conversations across leading unified communications environments including Cisco UC and Skype for Business. Scalable, reliable and absolutely secure, Verint Verba will help you better manage risk and liability, confidently meet strict compliance demands and drive significant improvements in quality assurance.

 Silent and full-time recording of your UC without any user interaction
 Complete and secure repository with conversation details and media
 Fine-grained access control that can enforce any internal security policies
 Storage integrations for efficient record-keeping and rapid e-discovery
 No-touch, automated data retention policies for future-proof media archiving
 Comprehensive audit traces of all activities in the recording system

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