Oracle Acme Packet Recording

Oracle Acme Packet is one of the leading Session Border Controllers (SBCs) in the market today. Session Border Controllers ensure seamless connectivity between remote users (service subscribers) and the IP-PBX (IP Private Branch Exchange) of the telephony provider. All ‘external calls’ are established via SBCs to help firewall/NAT traversing.  These SBCs can work with multiple telephony platforms using SIP.

Verint Verba offers a proven, compliance-tested SIPREC implementation with Oracle Acme Packet’s SBC solutions delivering reliable voice and video recording for our clients. Our team has a permanent and constantly updated Acme Packet SBC in our test lab for continuous interoperability testing and maintenance of our code-base. Here are some of the features of our Acme Packet recording solution:

  • Record both voice and video calls
  • Redundant recording and recorder load-balancing for high availability
  • Centralized user/extension provisioning in Verint Verba, since the recorder decides which conversations should be recorded
  • Multi-tenancy with tenant/enterprise matching based on domains

Native SIP-based (SIPREC) recording from Verint Verba

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an industry standard IP telephony protocol for establishing and managing sessions with two or more participants. These sessions include regular voice telephone calls and other sessions. The fact that SIP is an open standard enables the use of commodity endpoints, trunk services, business to business connected IP phone systems and helps to avoid vendor lock-in.

More and more Unified Communications solution vendors are introducing SIP support into their solution. The telecom market is also converting their legacy, TDM based trunks lines to the latest SIP-based, pure IP based solutions. Verint Verba provides an enhanced, best-of-class conversation recording solution for standard SIP systems with several deployment and configuration options. Verint Verba supports standard SIP compliant solutions. With hundreds of successful deployments, our SIP engine is a robust standard-based recording solution supporting passive recording, dial-in recording and video recording methods for SIP-based systems. There is an ever-increasing list of Verint Verba compliant SIP vendors including Cisco CUBESonusMetaswitchBroadSoft, Oracle, and more.

Capture voice and video with Oracle Acme Packet SBC