Legal Hold Management

Comply with legal hold obligations effortlessly

A legal hold is a written directive issued by attorneys instructing clients to preserve all relevant evidence – such as paper documents and electronically stored information – in an anticipated litigation, audit or government investigation. However, as businesses increasingly store data in electronic formats, it’s becoming even more important to be able to manage, preserve, classify, and search electronically stored information.

Verint Verba offers a reliable and cost-efficient solution for legal analysts and compliance experts to discover, analyze and ensure legal hold on large amounts of recorded data, without the need to involve your IT team. Save time and efforts while meeting any legal hold requirement in place.

Legal Hold

Preserving relevant information is a key process for any organization involved in litigation or regulatory action. Besides keeping the data, users must be able to process large quantities of information at a relatively short notice. Any conversation tagged as Legal Hold in the Verint Verba system will be preserved regardless of any action a user may take. Business disputes, employment matters, and personal injury cases are just a few examples of where an efficient litigation hold process is vital.

Verint Verba features advanced Legal Hold as a built-in feature of our platform to help our customers fully comply with legal obligations. Our reliable and proven policy enforcement framework adds an additional level of protection to prevent unintended data deletion and empower your teams to preserve your recorded communications.

Uncompromising integrity

Delivering best-in-class technology
to preserve your interactions


Litigation Hold is built around the simple concept of labels that can be used to categorize recordings according to any criteria, by anyone in the organization. Your compliance team can create any case-specific label and collaboratively label conversations using search, mass labeling and speech analytics. Legal Hold can be enabled for labels with only a few clicks in the user-friendly Verint Verba web interface, where optional descriptions can also be added in the Legal Hold Reference text field.

When Legal Hold is enabled for a label, the conversations the label is applied to will be removed from standard data retention processing and therefore cannot be deleted by any user or automated data retention policy. In addition, labels with legal hold enabled cannot be removed from conversations and cannot be deleted.

Avoid your critical data from being erased or tampered with

Use simple rules for powerful results

For security reasons, the label system is integrated with our access control framework, therefore the visibility of labels and labeled conversations is configurable solely by the owner of the label. Users can add further material to legal hold manually or automatically, and export all conversations on demand. Legal hold can be only deactivated or released by at least two users with high-level legal hold permissions (administrators or supervisors). One of them has to initiate the release of legal hold and the other has to approve it.

In order to manage labels, you need special access rights. When a user creates a label in the system, the user can set up its access control, that is to specify who can manage the label and who can see the labeled conversations. Labels can be added manually on one specific recording or on all listed recordings, and even automatically by using sophisticated labeling and categorization rules.

Manage risk and compliance with Verint Verba

In order to maintain compliance with the numerous legal and internal requirements, Verint Verba presents the most complete collaboration compliance solution that can effectively regulate, capture, archive and manage your most critical conversations across leading unified communications environments including Cisco UC and Skype for Business. Scalable, reliable and absolutely secure, Verint Verba will help you better manage risk and liability, confidently meet strict compliance demands and drive significant improvements in quality assurance.

 Silent and full-time recording of your UC without any user interaction
 Complete and secure repository with conversation details and media
 Fine-grained access control that can enforce any internal security policies
 Storage integrations for efficient record-keeping and rapid e-discovery
 No-touch, automated data retention policies for future-proof media archiving
 Comprehensive audit trail of all activities in the recording system

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