Ethical Wall − Enabling Proactive Compliance

Stop firefighting, prevent compliance issues before they occur

Verint Verba has developed a unique Ethical Wall solution that enables proactive communication policy enforcement addressing legal and ethical compliance, data security and risk management issues across Cisco UC and Skype for Business. Seamlessly integrated with the Verint Verba platform, the Ethical Wall brings a paradigm shift by allowing your business to embrace proactive compliance instead of focusing on corrective measures after-the-fact once an issue occurs.

Start acting instead of just reacting. Verint Verba brings you an essential tool for effortless enforcement of corporate policy and industry regulations, that also mitigates risk so that you can reap the substantial benefits of your UC investment. No matter of it’s a voice conversation, a file transfer, an instant message or presence information, proactive policy enforcement through the Ethical Wall enables you to take the guesswork out of your compliance efforts and take full control over your UC.

Safeguarding your Unified Communications

Corporate communications and federation may pose several security and compliance challenges your organization needs to face on a daily basis. Applying communication policies can also be necessary from a compliance perspective, preventing conflicts of interest that might result in the inappropriate release of sensitive corporate information, including confidential data or presence information, that you might not want to share with external federated parties.

The Verint Verba Ethical Wall enables your business to easily control and restrict communications, presence information and content between different users or user groups or notify participants about potential violations. Verint Verba’s powerful protective technology works with your UC platform to give you full control over your enterprise communications – including the ability to regulate the access levels of federated parties when extending your unified communications outside company boundaries.

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Prevent compliance and privacy issues

Enforce communication and content policies with the Ethical Wall to prevent compliance failures before they occur

The future of regulatory compliance is proactive

Designed to separate groups or individuals from communicating with each other for ethical, compliance or privacy reasons, the Ethical Wall eases the way to enforce granular policies by applying various control mechanisms that define permitted operations between communicating parties.

The building blocks of Ethical Wall

Ethical Wall enables proactive compliance across various control mechanisms for Cisco and Skype for Business environments. Whether you want to enforce policies in regards to instant messaging, phone calls, videos, file transfer or screen sharing, the solution supports your policy control efforts across all these modalities in real time. By using the following set of dynamic features, you can easily keep users or groups within your organization or internal and external parties from communicating with each other, filter instant message content, apply legal disclaimers and more.





Presence Blocking

UC platforms facilitate collaboration among employees and among other end users in externally federated companies. But how do you protect key personnel, such as your C-level executives, from receiving unsolicited IM or voice communications or prevent their online status from being seen by certain groups or individuals from inside and outside the organization, while still allowing them to initiate a conversation with others? The Ethical Wall can handle it all.

With the ability to temporarily or permanently block presence information from internal and external users (subject to policy or inclination), the facility to block an external user from starting an IM conversation while still allowing an internal user to initiate communications, and the ability to choose which communication features are allowed, the Ethical Wall enables your organization to decide how connected you want to be in a way that suits your business needs now and as it evolves.

Available for Skype for Business, the platform even allows prohibiting a user to add a blocked contact to the address book or to retrieve/list blocked contacts from the central directory.


 Control the visibility and protect the privacy of your users
 Define one or two directional rules
 Control which external (federated) partners can see your status
 Apply contact list filtering on Skype for Business

Apply smart presence control to secure the privacy of your users

Session Policies

Do you need to apply strict communication and content boundaries across your organization for compliance reasons? With the Ethical Wall’s proactive compliance capabilities, you can meet these and many more requirements. Whether you want to achieve legislative compliance, eliminate conflicts of interest or to support workplace procedures, the Ethical Wall helps you to separate entities and limit interaction, or the recording and storage of interactions, between certain individuals or groups across the organization, and control which users, groups or networks are accessible to certain external organizations.

Verint Verba makes it easy to define granular policy rules to create boundaries vertically up and down the hierarchy structure or horizontally between domain-based groups, group-to-group, and between your individual employees and those employees in federated organizations. With the ability to place one or two-way boundaries specifying who can talk to whom, and the facility to control which communication modes can be used for which conversations (IM, Voice, Video, Screen Sharing and File Transfer), the Ethical Wall enables you to meet all the security, compliance and privacy issues associated with a UC deployment and preserve the integrity of your most sensitive data and conversations.


Proactively control who can talk with whom and when in your organization
 Apply policy control based on specific communication modalities
 Granularly control the access levels of external (federated) parties

Apply automated communication and content barriers to avoid conflicts of interest

Control sessions and modalities easily between regulated users, groups or departments

Content Filtering

Filter instant messaging to avoid data breaches and spot unethical behavior

As one of the foundations of our proactive compliance offering, Ethical Wall provides vital protective technology for your collaboration platforms to safeguard your proprietary or sensitive information and shield users from exposure to profanity or inappropriate language.

Ethical Wall prevents information leakage from within the organization, either inadvertently or maliciously, by automatically redacting sensitive data from any text-based conversation, so that it cannot be communicated or stored. It comes as no surprise that this feature is an essential building block of your business’ PCI compliance, from credit card companies to contact centers to other businesses that process card payments, by avoiding credit card information from being captured and stored from instant messaging.

The system also monitors the language used in communications – blocking, redacting or reporting content – depending on company policy rules. Various policies can be configured easily for the whole organization, groups or individual users.


 Protect private information to ensure GDPR compliance
Scan and block file transfers for data loss prevention
 Automatically block or redact messages when necessary
 Stay PCI DSS ready, even when it comes to instant messaging


Attach IM disclaimers to limit liabilities and inform about policy rules

As organizations recognize the importance of exercising more control over corporate communication, legal disclaimers and notifications are used to advise users of company policies and restrictions.

Whether your organization needs these to protect from liability, avoid accidental or intended breaches of confidentiality, or strengthen compliance, the Ethical Wall helps you create, manage and attach disclaimer messages and notifications to all types of text-based communication, quickly and easily via easy-to-use templates which can be accessed from the Verint Verba web application.


 Ensure that proper disclaimers are communicated to your external contacts
 Inform parties of confidentiality, liability limitations and more
 Disclose instant message monitoring and archiving within your company

Preventative technology for different industries

Proactive compliance is the key for sustainable compliance programs across multiple industries. By using the Ethical Wall, you gain the ability to prevent a specific information to be mentioned in instant messaging, disable video conferencing during peak hours and limit who can see the presence information of your executive team. The solution also includes a session chaperone feature allowing users to set real-time permissions that can override communication policies in place. From financial services and healthcare to law firms and government agencies, the solution helps to proactively implement those policies that you currently have in place within your organization or those regulating your industry.


Separate market researchers from the brokering department

Protect the firm from insider trading liabilities

Adhere to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by avoiding conflicts of interest


Ensure policy consistency through policy whispering and disclaimers

Prevent sharing of personal health information externally

Comply with the HIPAA directive


Protect information privacy to future-proof your PCI-DSS compliance

Filter profanity and meet internal standards throughout your customer interactions


Align with presence blocking requirements

Ensure ethical integrity throughout your organization


Separate legal teams of potentially adverse parties

Ensure client confidentiality and safeguard data privacy


Avoid copyright infringements and clean room design

Prevent information leakage


Separate internal procurement teams from vendors

Prevent procurement from communicating with the tender writing group


Separate client teams of competitors


Separate Editorial and Advertising arms

Investment Banking

  • Separate market researchers from the brokering department
  • Protect the firm from insider trading liabilities
  • Adhere to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by avoiding conflicts of interest


  • Ensure policy consistency through policy whispering and disclaimers
  • Prevent sharing of personal health information outside the clinical team
  • Comply with the HIPAA directive

Contact Centers

  • Protect information privacy to future-proof your PCI-DSS compliance
  • Filter profanity and meet ethical standards throughout your customer interactions

Government Agencies

  • Align with presence blocking requirements
  • Ensure ethical integrity throughout your organization

Law Firms

  • Separate legal teams of potentially adverse parties
  • Ensure client confidentiality and safeguard data privacy

IT / Security

  • Avoid copyright infringements / clean room design
  • Avoid information leakage

Enterprise Procurement

  • Separate internal teams from vendors
  • Separate procurement from the tender writing group

Financial Services / Corporate Finance

  • Separate client teams of competitors


  • Separate Editorial and Advertising arms

Ethical walls are easy to implement. Watch how it works.

Reliable communication policy enforcement technology, proven results

Speed and multi-modality

The Ethical Wall solution uses our lightning-fast, in-memory decision engine, which provides minimal delays, even in large systems, and ensures that none of the decisions rely on external servers, networks or databases. The Verint Verba rule processing engine makes the decisions based on fully customizable policies while the web interface presents your compliance policies in an intuitive, easy-to-use format.

Verint Verba Ethical Wall supports all the communication modes of Skype for Business and Cisco Collaboration platforms. Blocking support is available for Presence, IM Voice, Video and File Transfer in both Skype for Business and Cisco, as well as blocking support for screen-sharing, polls and whiteboard for Skype for Business.

Multitenancy and security

Verint Verba Ethical Wall can be deployed for just one department or across an entire organization, from single to multi-site operations. From a security perspective, the communication policy audit log makes it easy to monitor and trace back all events in the Ethical Wall when rules are enforced. The solution can be licensed separately or combined with other Verint Verba solutions to strengthen your regulatory conformance with proactive compliance capabilities.

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