Data Retention and Recordkeeping

Preserve your conversations for future-proof compliance

Recorded data management and reliable storage policies are key components of any recording system. As the amount of stored conversation increases, it becomes crucial to be able to set up retention periods by certain parameters of your conversations, rather than saving all communications for the maximum time required.

The built-in storage policy module in the Verint Verba platform allows for the creation of rules specifying how long a particular recording is retained based on business requirements and industry standards. This approach not only helps control overall storage costs but also ensures that interactions are retained only as long as required.

Meet your record-keeping requirements and industry standards

Automate and simplify data management

Accelerate electronic discovery and compliance investigations

Embrace secure and reliable ways for archival

Data Retention

Verint Verba provides a sophisticated storage policy framework allowing your business to define rules for data retention. These policies automate storage management and control the recorded data lifecycle in the system. The framework provides flexible options to manage the recorded media in the system by allowing administrators to configure retention rules based on various filter criteria, such as phone numbers, names, extensions, users, groups, date and time values, conversation duration and more.

Verint Verba’s automated data retention system offers various policy actions providing comprehensive, easily configurable options to ease your data retention efforts.

Flexible retention rules based on conversation parameters

Automate storage management via agile policy actions

Data retention policies are very powerful tools for automated storage management. Administrators are able to define rules that execute various actions based on customizable filtering criteria. The policies are executed by the Verint Verba Storage Management Service on either Verint Verba Recording servers or Media Repositories.

Through these actions, users can configure data retention policies to specify the storage location of recorded conversations, delete conversations permanently, apply tamper-proof encryption and digital signatures for secure storage or define the scope of phonetic indexing for rapid e-discovery. Here are other examples of the actions you can take to fine-tune your data retention policies:

  • Move Media – Move Media policies provide a way to relocate your conversation media files from their primary storage location to another storage for archiving purposes.
  • Export – An exporting data retention policy creates a copy of the selected conversations and places those copies to a configurable storage location.
  • Voice Quality Check – Checks the quality of voice recordings and detects noise, garbled voice and other artifacts, then sends alerts when needed.
  • File Verification – The File Verification storage policy is implemented to check and validate media inventory and detect missing recordings which were accidentally removed or deleted from the storage location.
  • Increase Retention Period – Increases the retention period configured on the storage targets. The new retention setting is updated on the supported storage platforms as well.

Storage integrations

The system provides seamless integration with SAN, NAS and DAS storage solutions for online operation and archive as well. These solutions can be combined for a cost-effective, hybrid, self-managing storage solution.

Thanks to Verint Verba’s wide set of third party storage integrations, there is no need for dedicated archiving or backup solution, your organization can leverage its current investments and reduce operational and maintenance costs by integrating the archiving and backup functions into the existing infrastructure.

Seamless storage integrations for your piece of mind

Manage risk and compliance with Verint Verba

In order to maintain compliance with the numerous legal and internal requirements, Verint Verba presents the most complete collaboration compliance solution that can effectively regulate, capture, archive and manage your most critical conversations across leading unified communications environments including Cisco UC and Skype for Business. Scalable, reliable and absolutely secure, Verint Verba will help you better manage risk and liability, confidently meet strict compliance demands and drive significant improvements in quality assurance.

 Silent and full-time recording of your UC without any user interaction
 Complete and secure repository with conversation details and media
 Fine-grained access control that can enforce any internal security policies
 Storage integrations for efficient record-keeping and rapid e-discovery
 No-touch, automated data retention policies for future-proof media archiving
 Comprehensive audit traces of all activities in the recording system

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