Cisco Call Recording

Verint Verba offers a complete, Cisco Call Recording solution. Our platform provides no-touch, network-side recording for any nominated user in your organization while offering a variety of recording modes, methods and supporting various conversation scenarios. Verint Verba has a long-standing history in the Cisco UC and Collaboration space by offering a reliable recording solution for your business. The platform offers robust recording and archiving technology for Cisco Jabber (desktop and mobile), Cisco Spark (Cisco Webex Teams), Cisco UC endpoints, Cisco CUBE, Cisco UCS, Cisco UCCX & UCCE, Cisco Telepresence and conference rooms, and more.

Certified Compliance and Recording Capabilities

Verint Verba is part of the Cisco Developer Network, which ensures that the Verint Verba recording platform is fully compatible with all Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions. This partnership provides a sound foundation for Cisco customers seeking long-term reliability.

Certified Cisco Call Recording Technology

Verint Verba is a Cisco Compatible solution. It was verified repeatedly by Cisco Systems through the very rigorous Interoperability and Verification Testing (IVT) many times for different Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions since 2003. The official Cisco Compatible status ensures that customers using Verint Verba are able to protect their investment and can leverage the full functionality of the Cisco UCM platform together with the recording system.

Enrich your Cisco UC investment with compliance recording

Delivering the most versatile recording
technology for Cisco

Covers all conversation scenarios – internal, PSTN, mobile, conference, via Expressway
Cisco Jabber IM and Voice Recording – through compliance APIs, supporting mobile and desktop
Passive Recording – SPAN-based for SCCP and SIP phones and SIP trunks
Network-based Recording – RTP-forking from Cisco phones with built-in-bridge support
Gateway-forking – collects conversations from Cisco TDM gateways and CUBE (mobile recording)
Dial-In Recording – users can call into a recorder line for dictation or ad-hoc conference recording
Proxy-based Recording – relays your conversations through the Verint Verba proxy-server
Dual-stream Recording – available with proxy-based recording to ensure high availability
Recording announcements – provided for incoming and outgoing PSTN calls

Capture all Cisco conversation scenarios

Proxy-based Recording — for Mobile, IP Telephony, Desktop and Video Conferencing

This unique technology for Cisco fills a gap in current recording technologies. Combined with other available recording methods, proxy-based recording brings you the ability to record all Cisco conversation scenarios, which is essential from a regulatory compliance perspective. Proxy-based recording enhances your Cisco recording capabilities:

  • Record MRA (Cisco Jabber) calls through Cisco Expressway
  • Simplify video recording and setup, making it easier to avoid network misconfigurations while eliminating data loss
  • Extend encrypted voice and video call recording to all conversation  scenarios and helps to adhere to data security standards
  • Allow dual-stream recording on Cisco (industry-first), that corresponds with redundancy and high availability requirements
  • Block conversations if the recording infrastructure is not available, therefore mitigating the legal consequences of losing calls