Broadsoft Collaboration Recording

Add recording service to your product line

Verint Verba provides leading recording technologies for service providers who use the BroadSoft BroadWorks PBX and UC application. Service providers can increase their profitability by offering high-end IP conversation recording services to their customers at a competitive price with flexible billing options and low total cost of ownership. Verint Verba Service Provider Edition is ideal for VoIP service providers, contact centers and financial back-office operations as well.

Multi-tenant recording system for service providers

Verint Verba is built on a robust recording platform to offer multiple, full-featured conversation recording systems, or “Virtual Environment” (VE), on a single platform that are easy to manage and are independent with secure data access and separation.

BroadSoft Technology Partner

As a BroadSoft Technology Partner, Verint Verba ensures that service providers can obtain a fully compatible system with smooth integration. Verint Verba solutions for BroadSoft platforms are based on the unique multi-tenant features. Our platform supports BroadSoft’s major PBX platform: BroadWorks.

Native SIP-based (SIPREC) recording from Verint Verba

Verint Verba is SIPREC compatible and supports the BoradWorks collaboration platform to provide service provider customers with advanced recording capabilities. With this integration, our customers can record voice and video calls and voicemail, enrich conversation metadata, notify end users of the fact of recording and use enhanced multi-tenancy options with tenant/enterprise matching, among others.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an industry standard IP telephony protocol for establishing and managing sessions with two or more participants. These sessions include regular voice telephone calls and other sessions. The fact that SIP is an open standard enables the use of commodity endpoints, trunk services, business to business connected IP phone systems and helps to avoid vendor lock-in.

More and more Unified Communications solution vendors are introducing SIP support into their solution. The telecom market is also converting their legacy, TDM based trunks lines to the latest SIP-based, pure IP based solutions. Verint Verba provides an enhanced, best-of-class conversation recording solution for standard SIP systems with several deployment and configuration options. Verint Verba supports standard SIP compliant solutions. With hundreds of successful deployments, our SIP engine is a robust standard-based recording solution supporting passive recording, dial-in recording and video recording methods for SIP-based systems. There is an ever-increasing list of Verint Verba compliant SIP vendors including Cisco CUBESonusMetaswitchBroadSoft, Oracle, and more.