Automatic Call Categorization

Verint Verba is strongly committed to helping your team in extracting the most business-critical information out of your recorded conversations. Extending the capabilities of our comprehensive collaboration recording foundation, Automatic Labeling provides your business with a new way to listen to your customers’ needs.

As an enhancement of the integrated speech analytics technology, this feature allows automated surveillance and categorization of recorded conversations based on labeling rules and therefore enables your teams to work proactively on identifying recurring compliance and service quality issues.

Automatic labeling

There is a wide array of business information you can gather from your recordings. Automated Labeling allows you to set up and maintain labeling rules based on Conversation Details and Speech Phrase Hits. If a new recording matches a rule, the desired labels will be automatically added to the conversation.

With Automatic Labeling, we bring you the ability to configure any complex phrase combinations using a complex search phrase logic in order to identify interactions. To do so, users can apply simple labels, such as “Improper greeting”, “Compliance issue”, “Competitor mentioned”, “Money back” and more.


  • Label conversations and share with your team
  • Convert complex searches into labeling rules
  • Refine rules with search phrase logic
  • Create unlimited custom rules

Detect recurring compliance and service quality issues proactively

Spot essential business information with speed

Speed up compliance investigations and electronic discovery

Improve contact center quality assurance

Reduce compliance and forensics costs while avoiding costly fines

By using prefiltering and auto-answer for your quality management efforts, your business can save up to 80% of the time spent on compliance and quality management evaluation efforts, either your goal is to identify compliance issues or spot agent insecurities within your contact center. Your team can apply labels in multiple scenarios within the Verint Verba platform:

  • Search — labels can be used directly in search
  • Prefiltered Quality Management — in your Quality Management evaluation projects, your team can focus on prefiltered conversations using Speech Analytics with Quality Management filtering
  • Auto-Answer Evaluation Forms — by connecting evaluation questions to labels, the system can automatically fill in Yes/No questions when you start evaluating a conversation
  • Data Retention — our Storage Management system accepts labels in its policy filters
  • Legal Hold — selected conversations can be automatically placed under legal hold to make sure those cannot be deleted

Save up to 80% of quality management evaluation time

Extending the power of Speech Analytics

Automatic Labeling allows your business to uncover vital customer information buried in the recordings of your customer communications by detecting relevant information from millions of recordings. There are endless scenarios where your business can benefit from advanced Speech Analytics to take your performance to the next level.

Agent evaluations

  • Proper greetings – find out if your agents are properly greeting customers
  • Compliance message – verify that your agents are following legal compliance rules
  • Inappropriate phrases – spot rude, inappropriate language
  • Agent insecurities – certain phrases point to situations where the agent needs help

Voice of your customer

  • Customer and product satisfaction – search phrases that indicate customer satisfaction
  • Campaign responses – find references to ongoing campaigns
  • Competitors’ names – listen to mentions of your competitors
  • Lower churn – focus on calls where customers ask for reimbursements and show dissatisfaction

Sales performance

  • Up-sell and cross-sell – find opportunities by searching for customer needs
  • Emerging trends – build your sales plan around ideas your customers are talking about
  • Identify buying signals – train your agents to seize sales opportunities
  • Sales delivery – evaluate how your sales team pitch customers

Managing the Automatic Labeling rules

Automatic Labeling allows you to create labeling rules that apply and/or remove a configurable set of layers to conversations selected by the specified criteria. You can create and maintain labels with multiple filter options. When you are creating a labeling rule, they can specify which labels should be added to the conversations that match the rule. In case the phonetic speech search engine detects the phrase “Thank you for calling”, a labeling rule can be set up to add a label “Greetings OK” automatically if that label is added to the recording. Later on, you can add the phrase “Have a nice day” to the same label and start focusing only on incoming conversations.

Labeling is dependent on the user rights. For instance, a manager can share labeled conversations with a particular group or labeled recordings can also be kept private and not shared with anyone in the organization. There is also a new input field on the search panel within the Verint Verba interface, called “Labels”. You can search for ‘labeled calls’ using the auto-suggest function. If the user starts to enter a label, the system will automatically suggest options based on the label visible to the user. When the user selects a label to run a search, the system will filter those calls containing the selected label.

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