Approval Workflows

Ensure traceability with multi-level authorization processes

Verint Verba offers advanced collaboration compliance capabilities with agile features including collaborative case management, self-service authorization requests, conversation export and approval workflows to better organize and streamline the work of your compliance and  IT teams. Using Verint Verba, your business has access to the perfect vehicle for collaborative compliance investigations.

Take an agile approach to manage the most complex authorization scenarios and embrace new ways to collaborate on compliance cases across your organization. Apply multi-level approval workflows to regulate access to your recordings on a per user or per group basis while applying other fine-grained functionalities to stay fully compliant.

Approval Workflows

Approval workflows and configurable authorization requests provide full traceability and audited authorization processes to ensure integrity, efficiency and full control over who can access which conversations. When used, access control changes in the system can be initiated by users while supervisors have the ability to approve or reject access control requests. Administrators can apply multiple authorization steps and direct approval requests to various users based on a user/group hierarchy.

We have designed Approval Workflows to empower your end-users to request access to certain conversations easily, through the web based Verint Verba interface. Once submitted, managers can approve or reject the request based on the justification that the users submit. Managers can also choose to escalate the authorization workflow to the next level if they cannot decide on the appropriate action. In such case, managers one level higher in the hierarchy can make a final decision.

Easing your compliance investigations

Delivering best-in-class technology
to manage access to your interactions


The flexible, automated multi-level approval workflows enable per user and per group workflow assignment. Access can be requested based on users/groups, conversations marked with a specific label or conversations under a certain case. The platform provides fully customizable approval workflow message templates that are displayed for users throughout the approval process. To enhance traceability, the platform provides full audit trail of all activities.

The diagram below shows the architecture of the approval workflows.

Regulate any user or any group across your organization

Manage risk and compliance with Verint Verba

In order to maintain compliance with the numerous legal and internal requirements, Verint Verba presents the most complete collaboration compliance solution that can effectively regulate, capture, archive and manage your most critical conversations across leading unified communications environments including Cisco UC and Skype for Business. Scalable, reliable and absolutely secure, Verint Verba will help you better manage risk and liability, confidently meet strict compliance demands and drive significant improvements in quality assurance.

 Silent and full-time recording of your UC without any user interaction
 Complete and secure repository with conversation details and media
 Fine-grained access control that can enforce any internal security policies
 Storage integrations for efficient record-keeping and rapid e-discovery
 No-touch, automated data retention policies for future-proof media archiving
 Comprehensive audit traces of all activities in the recording system

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