Dashboards & Compliance Reporting

Our advanced compliance dashboards and reporting options were designed to help risk, compliance and IT teams stay on top of system and server status, recording assurance events, policy actions, eDiscovery trends and trader voice recording metrics, among other key indicators. This provides a single-pane-of-glass view of compliance-related trends, events, and anomalies – delivering improved oversight, raising awareness of potential issues and revealing root causes

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Gain Comprehensive Oversight

Using Verint, your users can leverage customizable, visual dashboards and enterprise-level reporting to be able to make fact-based, data-driven decisions, stay on top of the most critical areas of your compliance infrastructure, and spot signs of irregularities before they escalate. Our solution provides you with the right tools to filter, analyze, summarize and display information using customizable widgets and templates. Offering comprehensive insight into essential compliance metrics, Verint empowers your business to ensure frictionless operations from communications recording to data governance to communication policy enforcement.

Real-Time Metrics at Your Fingertips

Compliance Dashboards

Verint offers sophisticated, easily editable dashboards providing a user-friendly summary of most current activities, detected issues and trends your compliance team needs to be aware of. It allows you to have a factual and timely window into critical metrics that is associated with your compliance environment. Besides the ability to easily customize, drag and drop, and drill down to the most relevant data in the built-in widgets, the dashboards provides advanced data visualization, intuitive charts, alerts, filtering and search functions, and the option to create your own charts using the open widget API based on templates or even from scratch.

The next-generation dashboards are kept secure with role-based access control so that users can only access those metrics available for them in the system. Compliance officers and IT administrators can easily monitor communication policy violations, have a summary of workflows, see non-recorded interactions and other recording assurance issues, or check the audit trail of all activities and events in the platform. In addition, the dashboards provide enhanced usability and real-time insights into storage usage trends, voice quality issues, data export actions, or the active legal holds visible to the user.

Compliance Dashboards & Reporting

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Personalized Dashboards

Use built-in, visual information widgets to create customized charts and tables displaying critical compliance metrics

Flexible Widgets

Leverage 40+ pre-defined widgets or create your own widget using open APIs.

Holistic Oversight

Gain a single pane of glass view of system status, data governance, recording assurance, eDiscovery, and communication policies.

Enterprise-Level Reporting

Use enterprise-grade, standard format reporting with 40+ built-in templates and several output formats.

Streamlined Configuration

Ad-hoc, scheduled and periodic report creation options to meet your business needs.

Build Your Own Template

API and intuitive interface to design your own report templates.
Case Study

European Asset Management Company Enables MiFID II Compliance with Verint

Learn how their organization records and stores over 27,000 voice calls and 1,800 instant messages per month across 500+ endpoints to adhere to relevant policies in force under MiFID II – while reducing workload for their IT department.

Make Data-Driven Decisions


Create visually compelling, enterprise-level reports with a click of a button. The web-based, flexible reporting module enables managers and IT departments to gain a unique view into compliance operations. The module uses a library of pre-built and customizable report templates that users can access via an open API or export in various file formats. Users can run reports manually at any time or automatically at specific times during the day delivering the information you need, whenever you need it.

The easy-to-use interface is accessible directly from the web application without the need of installing client applications, to enhance management oversight and support data-driven decision-making. The compliance reports available in the Verint platform deliver all the data your business needs regarding call playback events, audit log entries, server configuration, recording assurance trends, ethical wall policy enforcement actions, and more.


Increased data security through powerful access control, audit logs, and secure workflows.


Comprehensive dashboards and reporting framework designed to increase operational oversight.


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Gain a complete view of real-time metrics related to your recording and compliance environment.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to ensure seamless recording.

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