Avaya Call Recording

Does your business use Avaya Unified Communications for enterprise collaboration or customer interactions? Are you obliged to capture and monitor these communications for compliance or quality assurance purposes? Verint provides a proven, enterprise-ready solution to help your business ensure that all Avaya communications are properly recorded and securely stored to meet recordkeeping, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Trader Voice Recording for Financial and Trade Compliance

Capture All Your Avaya Communications

Our enterprise-grade, easily scalable compliance recording platform allows for capturing voice and desktop screen content from Avaya IP telephony and Avaya Aura Unified Communications across all your regulated users. Additionally, the solution allows contact center supervisors to use silent monitoring of ongoing calls to track agent performance.

Verint provides robust Avaya call recording that supports multiple communication modes and conversation scenarios available in the platform. Our compliance recording technology is officially tested and underpinned by the official certification of the Avaya DevConnect Partner Program.

Managing Risk for Avaya Unified Communications

With Verint, you can easily add centralized recording capabilities for your Avaya communications environment to capture all call flow and collaboration from contact center and back-office operations. Verint is tightly integrated with Avaya’s Unified Communications platform, utilizing the Avaya Application Enablement server to deliver centralized recording even in multi-site environments.

Our versatile, network-side Avaya recording and communication compliance technology works with multiple call scenarios and endpoints including IP phones and desktop clients. The system doesn’t require any additional client software installed on your client PCs or devices.

Avaya Call Recording

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Centralized Avaya Capture

Apply central or passive compliance recording of your critical Avaya communications.

Record All Communications

Capture and silent monitor voice and desktop screen activities to store and track agent interactions or back-office collaboration.

Robust Data Retention and Centralized Data Management

Securely archive, retrieve, and control recorded interactions - and erase them when further retention is no longer required.

Enable Complete Call Recording Compliance

Automatically monitor the functionality and performance of the recorder estate and validate the quality of the recorded data.

Powerful Transcription and Analytics

Search, transcribe, categorize and analyze calls from Avaya UC to find relevant records, identify trends and evaluate customer interactions.

Improved Oversight and Efficiency

Automate compliance processes, streamline investigation, and use intuitive dashboards to turn data into business intelligence.
Case Study

European Asset Management Company Enables Collaboration Compliance With Verint

A European Asset Management Company records voice, IM, and video across 500+ Skype for Business endpoints to capture and securely store more than 25,000 interactions per month. Using Verint, their organization facilitated MiFID II compliance and adherence with local legislation while accelerating call record retrieval and reducing back-office/ IT workload.

Enabling Robust Avaya Compliance

Verint supports multiple recording technologies, such as central recording method utilizing RTP forking, dial-in recording and passive recording for SIP phones/trunks. Our solution is integrated with your Avaya infrastructure through the Avaya Application Enablement and Avaya Communication Manager servers.

Additionally, we offer enhanced recording service for Avaya platforms, such as the ability to record encrypted media streams, secure connection with the Avaya AES servers, enhanced metadata, load-balancing and failover, and other sophisticated features.


Proven, enterprise-ready recording solution for your Avaya UC and IP telephony environment


Centralized capture for internal, external, PSTN, and conference call scenarios


Scalable technology for single, multi-site, regional and global deployments


Can be deployed on premises, as cloud-based multi-tenant or virtual service provider solution


Encryption, digital signatures, role-based access control and authorization workflows for enhanced security.


Offering recording redundancy and high availability options to avoid service disruptions.

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