Financial Compliance Solutions

Discover our comprehensive set of compliance solutions designed to help you tackle financial risk and maintain adherence to strict regulatory demands.


Capture All Communications Within

Your Organization, No Matter the Channel

In financial services and trading, no business can afford to only partially capture or record just a limited scope of the channels involved in its critical communications. Verint offers a robust set of compliance solutions to help you record and preserve all voice and electronic interactions by your traders, back-office staff, contact center agents or branch office personnel.

Omnichannel Compliance Recording

Use versatile, centralized compliance capture across your unified communications, collaboration, IP telephony, mobile, and trader voice platforms while reliably recording a growing set of communication modes used in financial services and trading.


Microsoft Teams Recording

Allow your modern workforce to become more productive in a compliant way when using Teams by securely capturing voice calling, chat, video meetings, screen sharing and other critical collaboration streams.


Cisco Collaboration Recording

Leverage proven compliance capture for Cisco Collaboration, spanning IP telephony, voice and unified messaging, conferencing and collaboration, enterprise mobility, and contact center environments.


Trader Voice Recording

Securely record your transaction-related communications via a variety of trading turret platforms. Verint allows you to capture calls across the trading room to meet recordkeeping obligations, resolve disputes and reconstruct trade events.


Skype for Business Recording

Add enterprise-ready, certified recording features to Microsoft Skype for Business to capture all forms of interaction from peer-to-peer messaging and conference meeting scenarios.


Mobile Recording

Make mobile recording an integral part of your compliance infrastructure to reliably capture mobile voice and SMS. Our solution integrates with cellular networks and mobile collaboration endpoints to help you remain compliant.


Avaya UC Recording

Leverage a unified compliance platform to record, preserve, monitor and retrieve omnichannel communications from Avaya Aura UC and telephony endpoints used across back-office and contact center operations.


SIP Recording

Record voice calls and eComms routed via Session Border Controllers (SBC) or telephony endpoints that support SIP protocol. Verint provides robust SIPREC based recording for mobile network and VoIP service providers.

Recorded Communication Modes

Leverage a unified platform to record, preserve and retrieve a wide range of communication and collaboration modalities–including voice, IM, SMS, video, screen activities, and content–and benefit from a unified search and data management experience.


Instant Message Recording

Verint provides reliable capture, archiving, analysis and monitoring for instant messaging and enterprise chat while allowing you to centrally manage and control data in an easily searchable repository.


Video Conference Recording

Capture and preserve video calls, video conferencing and video meetings via collaboration tools, SIP video endpoints, and conference room systems. Mitigate the risk associated with video collaboration across your teams.


Screen Capture

Benefit from a unified system to record and replay desktop screen activities and screen-sharing via UC, SIP endpoints, and contact center solutions track adherence to policies and agent performance.


Mobile SMS Recording

We offer the ability to record, securely retain, search and retrieve SMS and mobile text messaging originating from cellular networks and mobile operators with a single, easily navigable platform.


Content Share Recording

Verint supports the capture and archiving of shared content and transferred file attachments within the context of instant messaging and peer-to-peer chat conversations.


Voice Call Recording

Meet relevant regulations by using a centralized, proven voice call and audio conference recording solution. Verint’s solution enables your business to record fixed line and mobile voice from any regulated user across your teams.


Retain, Manage and Extract

Value from Recorded

Communications Data

Verint provides a sophisticated data management policy framework allowing your business to define rules for data retention, verification, search, analysis, and protection, along with legal hold management functionalities, among others. Safeguard your recorded communications and perform data governance activities supported by the power of automation.

Records Retention & Archiving

Use automated rules and centralized governance for data retention and control the recorded data lifecycle in the system. Verint works with multiple industry-standard archives and WORM storage platforms to ensure that interactions are securely preserved as long as required by law.

Encryption & Data Security

Prevent your recordings from being tampered with. Using Verint, you can encrypt and digitally sign media and metadata to help you store interactions in an immutable format. Additionally, you can ensure data integrity by using role-based access control and secure authentication mechanisms.

Legal Hold

Verint’s advanced legal hold management capabilities help you ensure all recordings are preserved independently from the configured retention period. Prevent any user from tampering with or deleting data during litigation, government investigation or audits.

Data Extraction

Retrieve all stored recordings quickly and securely. Run audited, defensible retrievals against multiple voice recording platforms, for custodial audit or bulk legacy extraction. Extract calls by individual, group, date range or other specified criteria.

Voice Transcription & Analytics

Turn unstructured interaction data into compliance evidence and business-level insights. Use automatic indexing, speech-to-text, phonetic boosting, advanced search and data analysis to detect trends, reconstruct trades, accelerate compliance investigations and demonstrate adherence.

Compliance Investigation

Empower your compliance officers with smart tools to conduct structured investigations, efficiently collaborate on compliance cases, manage legal hold within a specific case scenario and apply automatic categorization of recorded communications to streamline investigative tasks.

Evaluations & Silent Monitoring

Run project-based quality checks or listen to your front-office or back-office staff’s real-time interactions to make sure your teams operate within compliant boundaries. Gain valuable insights from recorded interactions and use this intelligence to track adherence to policies and enhance service quality.

Compliance Dashboards & Reporting

Increase compliance and operational oversight with customizable reports and visual dashboards highlighting relevant, real-time metrics for your compliance and IT teams. Support data-driven decision-making with actionable, auditable insights on trends, events, status and system performance.

PCI DSS Compliance

Foster data privacy and enable adherence to payment industry standards by protecting credit card data processed during live calls – either via voice, IM, or screen activities.


Manage Compliance Risk With Automatic

Infrastructure Monitoring And Policy


Prevent potential failures occurring instead of dealing with the aftermath. Our compliance solutions can help you proactively control communications and verify if policies are applied correctly. It offers improved operational intelligence to help your business manage risk, foster compliance assurance, and improve oversight. Its robust automation framework and scalable, resilient architecture deliver a cohesive, unified response to evolving financial regulatory demands

Call Recording Assurance

Leverage comprehensive call recording tracking, alerting, and policy matching across a variety of lineside, PBX and recording systems to assure every call is successfully recorded while providing oversight and regulatory audit point evidence against the overall voice recording environment.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Automatically and consistently monitor and test the communications and recording infrastructure to augment or replace manual checks by engineering teams. Ensure all essential components of the system are ready for use, running seamlessly, and operating properly for the start of the day.

Voice Quality Monitoring

Conduct automated, systematic audio quality testing and scoring across handsets, communications platforms, and voice recorders. Verint helps you verify that recording systems are writing calls to disk with acceptable voice quality that is auditable and optimal for playback and evidencing.

Ethical Wall – Information Barriers

Take control of all communications when using Cisco Collaboration and Microsoft Skype for Business. Automatic, rule-based policy enforcement applies communication and content barriers to help keep interactions compliant and avoid conflicts of interest.

Policy Governance

Benefit from holistic compliance governance by assuring applicable regulations and rules against users, groups and transactions in your organization. It augments data from the automation framework with users, job roles and change requests to ensure that policies are applied correctly.