SIPREC recording for Broadsoft and Oracle Acme Packet

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Broadsoft Oracle Acme PacketThere is a new call recording standard for Voice Over IP solutions, that gains traction in the market. More and more vendors are supporting SIPREC. Since our system is SIPREC compatible, it works with many vendors. This week, let’s take a closer look at our interoperability work with Broadsoft and Oracle Acme Packet, a combination that many of our service provider customers use.

Verba recording for BroadSoft BroadWorks

As a BroadSoft Technology Partner, our team has access to the latest BroadSoft technologies. Our developers are working with the latest, cloud-based interoperability test suite, BroadSoft providers for developers. On this testing platform Verba can access previous and the latest releases of the BroadWorks collaboration platform and conducts manual and automated SIPREC interoperability tests. Multiple Verba service provider customers are using BroadWorks and Verba SIPREC to record calls, some of them since 2012.

Via the Verba integration with BroadWorks, our customers we can offer the following features:

  • Record voice calls
  • Mark On Demand recordings as recorder by DTMF FAC codes
  • Recording can be provisioned on Broadworks group management interface by group admins
  • Enriched call metadata
  • Multi-tenancy with tenant/enterprise matching based on domains and Broadworks group IDs

With BroadWorks 20.0, we can also support:

  • Start, stop, pause, and resume of recording
  • Record video conversations and conferences
  • End user notification of recording
  • Voice mail recording

Verba recording for Oracle Acme Packet

Acme Packet (now part of Oracle) is the largest Session Border Controller on the market today.

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) ensure seamless connectivity between phones at remote users (service subscribers) and the IP-PBX (IP Private Branch Exchange) of the telephony provider (which in many cases is a BroadSoft BroadWorks solution). All ‘external calls’ are established via SBC to help firewall/NAT traversing.  These SBCs can work with multiple telephony platforms using SIP.

We have also compliance tested our SIPREC implementation with Oracle / Acme Packet’s SBC solutions. Our team has a permanent and constantly updated Acme Packet SBC in our test lab for continuous interoperability testing and maintenance of our code-base.

Here are the features of our ACME recording solution:

  • Record both voice and video calls
  • Redundant recording and recorder load-balancing for High Availability
  • Centralized User/Extension provisioning in Verba, since the recorder decides which calls should to be recorded (by accepting or refusing recording session invites)
  • Multi-tenancy with tenant/enterprise matching based on domains

As far as we are aware, we are the only vendor on the market today, who supports video call recording on Acme Packet.

For further information, contact one of our experts.