Say Hi to Verba Customer Care

By October 27, 2016 August 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Starting today, the Verba Support site is replaced with the new Verba Customer Care Center.

We pride ourselves in providing the customer experience that we ourselves would like to have. This is why we need to keep reinventing ourselves and the tools we use to service your needs. The new Customer Care site is a giant leap in making sure that your requests are heard and answered.

“Say Hi!”

As Verba grows, so does the Verba community around us. We have a large dedicated base of users, administrators, and partners whose product and technical knowledge parallels ours. From now on you can share your ideas, ask your questions or converse with your peers as well as Verba Customer Care representatives. Say hi to your fellows.

Share your ideas and vote on others’

Have a great idea on how to improve Verba? Share it with us and the community. Would you like to see an idea implemented sooner? Vote for an idea and push it to the top of the list. You have a lot of interest vested in Verba, so why not take part in shaping its path?

Enjoy Responsively

We try to be responsive to all input from you, our customers and partners. So why not make the Customer Care website the same? The new layout is fully responsive allowing you to take part in the community on any device.

Come and join the community. All are welcome!